1st Var Cycle

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    Hello RXers!

    I’m super excited to be staring my very first var cycle today! Received my shipment and it passed the labmax test, so I’m good to go!

    Here are my stats: Female, 48 yrs old. Height: 5’7” / Weight: 138lbs

    Daily nutrition stats: 1500 kcal
    50 g Fat
    120 g Carbs
    130 g Protein
    1-2 cheat meals per week

    Weekly workout:
    Cardio: 1hr AM fasted, 6x per week
    Day 1: Legs
    Day 2: Shoulders
    Day 3: Back / Glutes
    Day 4: Arms
    Day 5: Chest / Glutes

    Any tips and / or suggestions on how to make the most out of my cycle are greatly appreciated.
    I’m planning on an 8-week cycle, starting with 5mg per day for 1 week, then upping to 7.5mg on week 2, and re-evaluate from there. (Cutting them tiny pills is tricky! I stopped at Walgreens and invested in a pill-cutter - hope it works better...lol)

    I want to take a conservative approach. I’m not in a hurry, and want to make sure I do this while minimizing health risks as much as possible.

    I’ll provide weekly updates.

    Thanks all!
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  2. Iron Vett

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    Congratulations on you're decision to try AAS. I'm sure you will be happy with your results.
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  3. Johnny442

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    Good luck!
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  4. BovaJP

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    Hey there, good luck, hope you like it as much as I do lol. I'm a 48yo also....but 5" shorter than you lol.
    Starting off slow is the way to go, sounds like you've done your research, good girl.
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  5. Sadie

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    Subbed!! Can’t wait to see your progress! Good luck!!
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  6. VM1969

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    Thanks everyone! It's only been 24hrs and I'm already noticing an increase in energy levels.
    While I'm only eating at a slight calorie deficit, the lack of stamina and mental focus are extremely hard to manage.
    Starting this afternoon, I actually began feeling normal again, and ah! what a relief that is. If this is all I get from this cycle, it will have been worth it - haha!

    On another note: how in the world do you score these pills in quarters? My sizes are all uneven, so i'm not really able to dose accurately... Is that something I should be concerned with?
  7. D-max

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    Get a pill splitter.
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  8. Dr JIM

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    I can only hope you have devoted
    an inordinate amount of time and effort familiarizing yourself with the adverse effects of AAS in females few of which are even mentioned on PED forums until
    they become overtly problematic

    I’d also suggest you obtain baseline labs and locate a physician whom is willing to
    follow your “progress” from a medical perspective.

    Good luck

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  9. Dr JIM

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    Oh and bc Labmax assays are anything but certain from a qualitative and quantitative perspective, if you’re sincere about minimizing the risk, Pharmaceutical AAS remain the most reliable female option IMO.

    For instance while an 8week of Legitimate oxandrolone poses minimal risk of hepatic “toxicity” the same can not be said at higher dosages or if agents such as Methyl Test or Super-drol, etc are being subbed as “Var”.

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  10. Sadie

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    I had a hard time splitting mine too. Even with a pill cutter. They would sometimes crumble when I’d cut them. I just tried to dose as accurately as possible.
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  11. VM1969

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    Thank you for your thoughts. I have spent a considerable amount of time researching AAS (var and primo in particular), but of course, if adverse side effects are not even mentioned until they become overtly problematic, as you say, I may not know, or have access to all the key information. Would you care to enlighten me?
    And yes, I have gotten my blood work done (I posted results on a separate thread here last week).
    Now, finding a physician that is willing to follow my progress is a gamble. Some members here strongly advised against it as that information may end up in my medical records...
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  12. VM1969

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    yep, same here!! what a pain!
  13. VM1969

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    Thanks again - your insight is much appreciated.
    Not to start a sourcing conversation, but where would I go about acquiring Pharma grade AAS? Let me know if I should PM you (don't want to break and forum rules!) :)
  14. VM1969

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    Happy Monday!
    tomorrow will mark Week 1 of my var cycle. I'm doing 5mg p/day (2.5 AM / 2.5 PM split). A few things to note:

    > Felt a slight increase in energy levels. This allowed me to push through workouts and be disciplined on the diet. Good news there.

    > Got my period again, mid-way through my menstrual cycle. I read that periods getting messed up is normal, but should I be concerned that it happened so soon after starting var (4 days, to be exact)

    > Woke up with a eye-stye this AM. I can't even remember last time I had one, if ever, so I'm wondering if this is var related. I read that stress & hormone shifts could cause styes (as well as a bacterial infection, but i'm ruling that out for now), so I'm going to assume it has something to do with the var.

    Any thoughts from the group here? Is this normal or should I be concerned? Feedback is welcome!

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  15. Gbro

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    I think it's just a random coincidence.
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  16. BovaJP

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    Yea seems coincidental. Congrats on week 1 down lol. And yea cycle will be messed up lol. Random starts/stops, etc. Part of the deal lol.
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  17. VM1969

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    Ok, thanks! That’s reassuring. It would be just my luck to do a cycle and get all the negative sides and none of the positive ones, lol!!
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  18. Sadie

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    How’s your cycle going?
  19. VM1969

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    Hey there, thanks for checking in with me!
    I've been meaning to post this week.

    On Tuesday i completed two weeks of my cycle. Still doing 5mg per day (2.5mg am/pm split)

    No sides to report (other than the stye, which i'm not sure is var related or not). I'm waiting for the stye to completely heal up before bumping my dosage up to 7.5mg p day. I'll probably do that next Tuesday, when i start week 3.

    Can't say i'm feeling any effects of the var yet, I believe it's too early still for that, except for a slight increase in energy levels. Meaning, I now feel NORMAL vs. always depleted...

    Nutrition, workouts and cardio are still the same.
    Roughly 1700 kcal p day, (approx 25% F, 35% C, 40% P split)
    5hrs fasted cardio in the AM p/ week
    5 weight-lifting sessions p/ week

    Question for the group: is this calorie intake enough to receive the maximum benefit from my cycle?

    Suggestions and feedback are always welcome!
  20. Sadie

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    Depends on you goals. Are you trying to gain muscle? If so you could probably stand to bump calories up some. On my first var cycle I started at about 2000 a day but got up to 2500 by the end of my cycle.
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