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  1. Ohiopower

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    What is everyone's opinion on 1 test cyp? I am considering it for my next cycle. My goals are strength gains endurance and fat loss. I am on 200wk test c TRT. I like high test cycles as a powerlifter such as 1000mg wk for 20wk test only with 4 weeks of halo at end of cycle. I am looking for little more aesthetic look from this cycle. I was thinking of these 2 possibilities

    1.) 200 test c wk 16wk
    400 test p wk 16wk
    400 1testcyp wk 16wk
    aromasin as needed

    2.) 400 test p week 16 wk
    Test base 100 per day
    400 tren ace per week weeks 8 to 16
    AI as needed

    Any suggestions welcome
  2. tengtren

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    My kinda shit
  3. i like option 1. 600/400. Not really overkill. Should do a fantastic job if the 3 essentials are on point. (Diet/training/rest)
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  4. penche

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    MSG hit the nail on head. Everything this man said.

    Plus sprinkle some halo for shits n grins again in the beginning or latter. Legit Halo is F’ing Amazing. Bout one of the few that will give you instant strength. Makin my mouth water stop it lol!
  5. Ohiopower

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    Halo is some amazing stuff I might try it in beginning of cycle this time. I have always used it on the end of a cycle as part of a peaking program for powerlifting.
  6. nervje

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    What is 1testosterone?
  7. Boldenone Cypionate aka DHB (Dihydroboldenone).
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    Ok thank u
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  9. Test_Subject

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    Bold cyp is just shorter ester EQ.

    DHB is a different hormone completely. It's 5alpha reduced boldenone.
  10. Wait, what? Give me the 4th grader style breakdown here.
    i always thought DHB and Bold Cyp were the same thing?
    Man, there's egg on my face. :oops::(
  11. @nervje my apologies for the erroneous information. Evidently i've been misunderstanding these compounds. i need to do me some more reading.
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    I’m still not sold on DHB until I see a before and after log with pics and from only running DHB with a cruise dose of test. I’m kinda tired of all the skewed reviews from people talking about there experience with DHB while running three other compounds.

    Show me a DHB only log or stfu!!
  13. Test_Subject

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    EQ is boldenone undecanoate. Boldenone cypionate is just regular old EQ except with a shorter ester attached.

    Dihydroboldenone is 5alpha reduced boldenone. It's generally referred to as "1-testosterone cypionate" because it's usually attached to the cypionate ester. You could just as easily have 1-testosterone propionate, but it's not commonly available.

    The names are very similar so the confusion is understandable. I wouldn't feel too bad about it :p
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  14. Monstar

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    I'd settle for test + DHB and maybe an oral at beginning or end but yeah...4-6 drugs at once with DHB run at modest doses in the middle doesn't cut it. Nor does a 6' 150lbs 20 year old on his 1st or 2nd cycle for that matter.

    If any well known, respected member has run a primary DHB cycle and has experience I'd like to hear it.
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    There’s even feedback on trestolone which is like a fucking purple unicorn at Meso, lol even though it’s been readily available for 10 plus years. A lot of old heads still dismiss trest even though they have never used it. People that have used trest please stfu !! Same goes for DHB.. blah blah, it’s not as good as tren and you instantly grow tits!! Gtfoh.. I have scoured the internet and still haven’t found a complete DHB log which I find reason ODD!!
  16. Bungnard.rar

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    I'm going to run Test, DHB, tren A here shortly.
  17. Holidaypay

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    Its because after a few dhb shots they quit an don't wanna come tell us how much of a bitch there being lol:D
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  18. shady

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    finding it harder than other compounds to get "solid" info on dhb to make a decision on whether its for me.
    im reading lethargy is an issue, can anyone attest to this?
  19. Bungnard.rar

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    Just started but I'll let you know if the issue arises.
  20. Holidaypay

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    Deff interested to hear about your experience logs on it are few an far in between