2.5 weeks in and no results or sides...is my test prop is fake? When does it kick in?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by AnavarGiveUp247, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. AnavarGiveUp247

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    I'd like to start out by saying thank you to this forum to the help it has provided so far. In my research on starting this cycle I always browsed threads here and everyone seems knowledgeable. Glad to be a part of the community now!

    This is my very first cycle. I am currently coming up on my 3rd week of test prop and to this point I have not started to see any pronounced results or sides. The first weekend after my first pin, my weight did go up about 3-4lbs, which I'm assuming is water. Over the course of the week it went back down since I started adex .25 eod. After reading conflicting information about whether to take AIs or wait until you see sides I did stopped. Gained 5-7lbs of water again , so I started it back up at .5 EOD for about 3 days. At this point I am just dosing it at .25 E3D.

    At times I feel like it could be working. For the first couple of weeks, I have been cutting in a severe deficit to shed off 3-5 pounds before I can bulk, which I will start next week. Despite this deficit, eating clean, and cardio my weight just won't go down, I've even had days where I eat 1.2k! (mainly on accident/travelling) I've made small strength gains, but it's nothing I can really attribute to being "on" as I was making the same progress before, in the same deficit.

    I am also getting PIP, however besides the PIP and the water weight I have not gained any increase in libido, mood , or energy. What's even more alarming is that I have not even received the bad sides like shrunken balls, oily skin, acne. To add to that I am also on tbol from the same lab and have not seen any results from that either. I shook a vial and saw some bubbles pop up but when I tried the freezer test I didn't see any crystallization at the bottom

    I understand that it's only three weeks, so I am not expecting miracles as far as body composition and strength, but I've read reports of sides within days. Do you guys think its bunk? I'm using a reputable that I read reviews from on this very site. Thanks in advamce.
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    You're taking an oral and a fast ester test and have had nothing after 3 weeks I'd say it's bunk. Any increase in libido? Best way to know for sure would be to get blood work done but by the sound of it you'd be wasting even more of your money. What is your dosage?
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  3. Eman

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    Are you saying that you started a test prop cycle a few weeks ago and at the same time you started a cut and have been eating as low as 1200 calories per day? Need clarifying on that.
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    Test prop is approximately 125mg EOD, tbol is 50mg ED. Libido is exactly the same, some days I'm horny sometimes I cbf, nothing crazy or different. FYI I am using pharmacomlabs would they really scam? Seemed very reputable to me..

    No, I was originally cutting before the cycle and have continued it for these first couple of weeks. I do not aim to eat that low but there 2-3 days a week where I do cardio and cbf cooking to make up for the burned calories. Most of the time I eat 1500-1700 and on weekends I'll eat 2500.
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    Your gear is most likely fine. You probably just have expectations of what it should "feel" like. I would guess part of the issue might be the fluctuation of AI doses. Wait for a few weeks and get bloodwork.

    What are your stats? Age, weight, height, lifting experience
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    Is the order from the domestic or international warehouse? I have had experience with both compounds you are using from the same lab, about 2-3 months back. I had excellent results, blood work came back with good results, tbol made me strong as a bull and packed on lean mass that stayed. The mass spec of Pharmacom test p last came back at ~91mg per ml I believe.
  7. T_verde77

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    Give it a little more time. I think you are expecting a little more from the test than u will get. definitely should notice increase in Libido soon if your estrogen levels are some what in check, but like u said u have been adjusting the ai accordingly.
    not everyone gets really bad sides, acne depends on how oily your skin is in the first place. I personally only start to get some acne if I carry the cycle past 12 weeks. good luck. Keep us posted
  8. ironwill1951

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    I don't care what you inject your not going to see anything eating 1200 cal a day .
  9. AnavarGiveUp247

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    Alright...and much to the chagrin of everyone on this board I was 167 13-15% before starting, currently 173 bf looks the same. Started lifting summer 2014, lost a whole lot of weight and got down to 12% bf at around 150.....tried to dirty bulk over the summer and my bf got out of control so I had to cut down for this cycle I am running. I understand I do not have a good base but I live for lifting and have not missed a day since I started, although my diet was questionable last year.

    EDIT: I'm 25
    It is from the international warehouse on pharmacom.in site. When did you start seeing results and were you bulking or cutting? I always read good things about them which is why I'm confused as to why it could be bunk. I will get bloods done in a couple of weeks.

    I haven't used the adex in about 3 days and don't plan on it since I've been reading more about it doing more harm than good. I understand not getting tha bad sides, but what about libido or mood, surely my balls should have shrunk by now? Maybe I was expecting too much, I will up my calories starting next week and see what happens.
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  10. AnavarGiveUp247

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    I don't eat that little everyday...usually eat about 1500-1700. Finishing up my cut and starting at maintenance next week, depending on results I will increase to 3k+.
  11. ironwill1951

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    you should have cut before starting your cycle, I have been on steady for years and my balls haven't shrunk,
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  12. Eman

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    You are eating in a severe caloric deficit IMO. You are expending more energy in calories than you're taking in which is the exact opposite thing one would do when trying to gain muscle. Go eat a whole rotisserie chicken my man. Then do that every day for the next week. Then you'll know if it's bunk.

    Edit- I'm not trying to be rude but just to put things in perspective:

    "The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends women consume 1,600 to 2,000 calories if they are sedentary."
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  13. T_verde77

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    What he said. Being on a caloric deficit negatively effects your mood and libido in my opinion. it seems to me like you have all the tools but just need to reorganize everything for better results.

    I didn't use an ai last cycle Reason being it lowers good cholesterol, but I have also had gyno surgery so I don't have to worry about that too much.

    my advice to you right now would be just bulk as best as you know how right now. than after u have fully recovered focus on figuring out your diet for clean bulking. You will be happier with the results in the long run. Good luck bud
  14. AnavarGiveUp247

    AnavarGiveUp247 Junior Member

    Lol wow, guess I was taking things a bit too far. I am starting my bulk this weekend so I'll see what happens.

    I don't know about libido, but I have noticed a difference in my mood. But yeah that's the plan, I will be starting my bulk within a couple of days. Eating clean and keeping carbs low, as 250+ made me blow up. Hopefully what you guys are saying is true, I will start eating more and reevaluate in a week.
  15. T_verde77

    T_verde77 Member

    Let us know how it goes
  16. RodgerThat

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    Okay so you made strength gains while in a severe calorie deficit and you can't lose weight according to the scale but you've gone up in weight and maintained the same BF.... That sounds like you are getting the best of everything to me especially cause your diet is so far off what you need and the only reason your weight is fluctuating is cause you don't know how To control your e2 properly yet.

    Eat like a monster! Don't skimp on the carbs cause they made you "blow up" that's what you want! The fuel to make yourself into the Incredible Hulk! And I guarantee the hulk ain't skimping on his carbs. Good luck my man.
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  17. tattedlegend

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    I made a thread in the cycle log section if you want to see how they worked for me
  18. DickySmalls

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    You're two and a half weeks in and don't look like Phil Heath yet?
  19. DickySmalls

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    Try this out TDEE Calculator (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) It should give you an idea of your daily caloric needs
  20. Andyboro

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    Personally, id take eating that little and NOT losing weight as a good indication that the test was working... you're always going to get an initial spike in weight as more water is retained.

    plus, its been 2 and a half weeks lol.

    I think this may be a case of expecting a little too much too quickly.
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