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  1. Gatorboy

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    Question. I am a 52 year old That has started TRT at 200mg/week. Should I be taking any AI. Love my Doc but I don't think testosterone/TRT/AI is her strong point. Really value the knowledge in this forum..
  2. cochino

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    Most will not at that level. Have your doctor check your e2 levels when you go for bloodwork.
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  3. fakename

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    I’m at 175mg/week with TT ~1350, FT ~30, and E2 ~55 with no AI and feel great. Felt worse with any E2 lowering.
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  4. Human_backhoe

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    I don't need AI at 500 for a blast so probably not at 200 TRT for me personally. That being said everybody is different. I would make your decision based on bloods as well as how you feel.

    How you feel seems to get a bit overlooked in my opinion. (So long as your bloods back it up)
  5. JC Grifter

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    Only your bloodwork will tell for sure.
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  6. Mathg44

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    200mg is kinda high. 125mg is sweet spot for most people and don't need AI... with that said, you should still verify with bloodwork since everybody is different.
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  7. EazyE

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    I would hope most guys would not require an AI on 125 mg T/wk. I have run 600/wk without an AI. You will usually feel better without an AI, within reason of course. It’s been said 100K times here on Meso - you gotta get bloods and monitor and learn your own body and how it reacts. Log everything - dosage, timing, diet, sleep, workouts...everything.
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  8. Grab Bag

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    200 plus hcg you’re probably gonna need it if you’re anything like me. 200 straight... you’re probably fine. Just get bloodwork and dial it based on how you feel and the numbers.
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  9. BIG74

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    @Gatorboy , i am close to your age, although my trt prescribed amount is lower than yours, it is 125 mg a week. I seem to be estro sensitive as far as conversion (based on bloodwork #s), and fwiw i started pinning Sub Q, which helped me out with keeping my E2 levels in check. I was using insulin pins, and would draw up to 10 marking, and pin that amt daily sub q. My T levels were where they normally are pinning IM (800ish), but E2 remained in the middle at 32. I am not sure if this was due to slower release of testosterone since it was in the fat instead of muscle? Or simply due to the smaller amounts creating a more stable environment.

    At any rate, in regards to your original question only your blood work will be able to tell if you need an AI. Also just cause your E2 level may be slightly elevated, but you still feel great, good sex drive, energy, etc... , i personally wouldn't jump on an AI.

    As far as testing goes, if it is something you want to do yourself, here ya go. They use Quest Diagnostics.

    Estradiol, Ultrasensitive LC/MS/MS
  10. ManK

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    200 mg is not a trt.
    Only bbers call it trt.
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  11. ManK

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    about AI is subjective, but wrtite "i need or i don't need AI" only considering sides is not correct.
    Personally on trt 80mg week (yes just 80 mg week and my values are 900 /1000 ng) if i don't use AI i have e2 out of range (65pg/ml), using few AI i can keep e2 in range (30 pg/ml). Refernce range of E2 is 11-44 pg/ml.
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  12. JC Grifter

    JC Grifter Member

    I’m on 80mg as well. Also put me in the mid 800s. I do need an AI unfortunately. I take .5mg arimidex every 10 days. But that’s an improvement lol. I had a fucked up hormone imbalance and needed an AI not even being on test. I was taking .5mg three times a week to lower estrogen. Over the years I needed less and less. It got to the point once I started trt that .5mg once a week was crashing my test. So we tried no AI and my estrogen shot up. Then we tried every 14 days and it was high. So we went in the middle every 10 days.

    everyone is so different and only bloodwork will give people their answer.
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  13. brownbro

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    Very true that ^ get bloods after running for a couple months.

    200mg test e weekly put me too high, I was slightly out the top of the range.

    150mg put me in the top third of the range so perfect for me.

    everyone is different though so bloods are essential.
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  14. fakename

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    But it’s all individualized. I’ve seen plenty of folks that need 200-250 just to get their free T near the top of the range and others that can achieve that with 120mg. It’s all relative, no?
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  15. ManK

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    most part are lies...
    if to have free T high they allow their dht levels (do you think they check their dht levels ? aha ahah) go up, after some years the will need a catheter to piss and doc will cut them from trt forever....
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  16. ManK

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    of course is subjective, but 90% of people don't need more 100/125 mg week.
    all the rest is only " gym talk"
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  17. JC Grifter

    JC Grifter Member

    If you want this lifestyle long term and maintain your health, stick the lowest dose that makes you feel good.
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  18. fakename

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    Totally agree. But for me, that’s 175mg. And I’ve seen no gains benefit between that at 140mg. But I definitely feel better (mood, libido, etc.) on 175 than 140.
  19. fakename

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    I do and I’m within range at 175mg/week. Granted, i know you’re talking about those that are up at 250.
  20. Turbo charged

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    250 with hcg no ai. Estro at 24
    500 test I throw in one pill of anastrozole a week