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  1. Looking for some recommendations on my current situation with some Atlas test and deca that was purchased in early to mid 2016. Normally, I'd say fuck it, but, I've got like 10 or 12 total vials. I was running his products for some time throughout said period until I had found a private source that has been my go to. After a two year hiatus, I've returned to the grind and found these laying around. Never had any issues with any of the gear that I ever ran prior to or during this time, however, I did hear someone may have had an infection due to his gear not long before he disappeared. I was not active during his downfall, but, I did read a good chunk of his thread here. I know people also mentioned floaters -- I don't see any in any of the vials. Are there any preventative measures I can take in this situation? Maybe filters of some sort? During the time I was purchasing from him, it seemed like all was still running smoothly. Obviously, there's always a risk and I understand that. I am considering testing as well.
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    This Is the US domestic atlas labs and not the Canadian atlas correct?

    If it's the US lab, I'll say they were the lab that took my gear v card in 2016 and everything went great. I definitely purchased it through a middleman though. For my second cycle I went back to them and ending up trashing it midway through. This was in 2017. It seemed underdosed, (anecdotally, no tests to prove) the color between vials was never consistent, and I became aware of the infection and hair in vial that people had posted online. Decided to toss it and do my own research into finding a source.

    I'll say they're still active, and theres a guy in a town close to me that moves heavy amounts of their gear, but personally I wouldn't fuck with it.

    If you don't want to take the L, perhaps refilter, or draw with filter needles. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Yes, US domestic Atlas. All of my experiences with the same gear in question were good as well. I guess you can never be too safe though. What compound seemed underdosed if you don't mind me asking? I appreciate the feedback as well.
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    Definitely get some syringe filters for it and you should be good, but no guarantees.
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    Only used test e 250 from them both times.
  6. ,
    Thanks, man. I appreciate it. Did I see you mention in another thread that you bought filtered syringes? I may have read it wrong
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    I haven’t, but many do. I’ve run Atlas gear before, in fact they were my first online purchase.
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  9. Man, that article is short on information. i'm sure we'll see more as the investigation rolls on.

    Damn criminals selling those awful, deadly hormones. They give fine upstanding citizens such as heroin, meth and crack dealers a bad name. Lock them up and throw away the key!
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    Had it not been for John Doe, no one would’ve known PL got nailed. The two initial articles that came out on his bust were just as vague. The updated article named him and his wife but never mentioned the name of the lab. I’m sure come sentencing time, it’ll all be spelled out.
    But Riggs was told by PAiN that their website is stronger than the military’s protection!