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    Leancuisine Member

    Did Chest last night.
    Machine Fly warm up. Incline bench press up to 275 then dropset to 135.
    Hammer machine presses. Did Flat, incline, Decline, then a wide Press. High Cable Fly. Low dumbbells Fly.

    Moving today, again. At least this time it's not across country. Just across town.
    My moms beagle tried to bite at and steal my girls food when we first got here and my dog mauled him. Then just two days ago my moms beagle tried attacking my girl again and she fucked his world up. No permanent damage, but the beagle just bit off more than he could chew.
    Anyways my mom said she was going to put my dogs down if I didn't find them a new home by Friday so.... and this morning when I went out to check on my dogs there was a huge dent in my pit's kennel and my girl was shaking. Not going to put my family in this kind of situation so, we're all jumping ship. Fuck it.
    Even though I spent hours with her German shepherd getting him to not be a pansy. Taught him to sit and stay, house trained him so he doesn't piss everywhere (he's 7 months old). He went from being scared of my wife and dogs to playing with my dogs like they were best friends.
    But hey, all because her 11 year old beagle wants to be a shit head and is used to being able to get away with that shit, she wants to be a cunt about things? Not worth the time or stress.

    Sorry. Rant over!
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    Leancuisine Member

    May have already posted some of these.... but damn. My dogs are so well behaved! Especially considering the horse shit conditions they were brought up in. I got my girl when she was 2 and my boy when he was 3. Both rescues. Far better behaved then both my moms house raised dogs.

    IMG_2213.JPG IMG_2201.JPG IMG_2202.JPG
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    Kakarot Member

    The shepherd is a beautiful dog I hate to see people that dont take care of their dogs or let their dogs run over them.:(
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    Leancuisine Member

    The dog could be great. My mom just isn't the type to be an alpha. So the dog is a bit skiddish
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    Leancuisine Member

    IMG_2218.JPG IMG_2221.JPG

    Well they made theirselves at home.
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    Leancuisine Member


    120 grams chicken breast(198), 162 grams rice(211), 100 grams broccoli(35). 8 grams Valentina thot sauce.

    444 calories I guess.
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    Leancuisine Member

    Pull-ups 1x18, 1x15
    Barbell row 135x12, 225x12, 315x8, 315x6
    Underhand Grip Hammer Pulldown 5x8-9 with 2 plates. 6 second eccentric.
    I feel like I did more Row variations but I can't remember. Tomorrow is delts. Now that I'm all settled in I'll start updating more steadily.
    236.7 today after 2 meals.

    Puppies sure love the new place. So does the kiddo.
    Nice wood floors for him to cruise around in his walker on. One of the couches is right by a window too, so we can safely crawl over there and look at the window. He loves doing that.

    IMG_2236.JPG IMG_2241.JPG IMG_2230.JPG IMG_2233.JPG IMG_2231.JPG
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    Leancuisine Member

    I have more testosterone than I remember. So I might start taking 500/wk.
    here's my starting pic of where I am. Feel strong enough. Time to do a recomp and get rid of this fat.

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    Leancuisine Member

    233.6 lbs this morning.
    Breakfast was 3.5 eggs with cheese on an English muffin.
    Busy day today. May not be able to go to the gym, but I will try.

    Don't really care about weight. Just want to be my strongest and leanest yet. Been doing some core work focusing a lot on obliques and Serratus. Oblique Side Crunches next to a wall are my go to. I put a yoga Ball against the wall, and when I Crunch my Oblique I Push my hand into the yoga Ball, making sure to work my Serratus. Takes a bit of focus to really activate my Serratus, but I like them.

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    Leancuisine Member

    No gym today. Just pizza and lots of moving. Feel like I've been moving shit all month!
    Tomorrow morning is Shoulders and core. Maybe some arms. Aaaaaaand more moving.
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    Leancuisine Member

    Incline Bench on Smith 225x12, 275x8, 315x2, drop set - 315x1, 225x10, 135x12
    Low incline DB 100's 3x10
    Incline Fly 3x10 superset with close Grip DB Press 3x10 with 35 I think.
    Low DB Raise with 35 for a few sets. Laterals. Overhead dumbbell extension.
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    Leancuisine Member

    Today was a leg workout.
    Weird hack squat. Heels Raised, using a hex Bar. 4x4 at 225.
    Stiff Leg deads 4x4 at 315
    Leg Press ..... think I got 2 sets in at 6 plates for 30 reps or something. Got a call from the child care service at my gym. My boy was not having a good day there, so I went and saved him from that place.

    Getting bored with programs. Just want to get a little bigger before I start stripping away at the fat.
    Looked up the 4x4 program. Looked at HST. No clue what I want to do. Just want a 4-6 week layout to do.
    @franchise24 @Wunderpus @Thenewera @Perrin Aybara anyone have suggestions?
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    Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    You know my suggestion. Powerlifting, of course.
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    Leancuisine Member

    Finding some middle ground. That Layne Norton phat program
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    Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara Member

    That's acceptable in my book.
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    System7 Member

    I enjoyed it. Good way to keep strength up.
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    Leancuisine Member

    Starting it tomorrow. Excited that the first exercise is Rows. Probably my strongest lift right now.
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    Seven Dog

    Seven Dog Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    I ran PHAT for 20 weeks couple deload weeks in there. Its solid. I'm on the last week of PHAT 3. Imo its better. But, these are the first two programs I've ran since high school football. Check out PHAT 3 on bb.com. Its all right there, it takes you day by day. I thing he calls it "the trainer." You plug in your numbers and it tells you how much weight and reps you do for each day.
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    Seven Dog

    Seven Dog Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    And the BFR Training is pretty cool. You'll look like a douche, but the pump is pretty crazy. :D
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    Leancuisine Member

    Damn I will definitely look into that. The thing that always turns me away from power lifting is having to do all that math and what not. Just turns me off.

    I always feel like a douche at the gym. Maybe it's because the stringers. Maybe it's because between sets I always zone out on the multitude of booties. So many muscular and fit women up here. Super surprised!!
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