2017 Year Long Log

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What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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  1. Kakarot

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    Fuckin Johnny quest was the shit and these memes are Screenshot_20170717-164626.jpg too damn funny. Screenshot_20170717-164441.jpg
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  2. Leancuisine

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    Bahahahahahahaha wtf....
    I'm not one to follow politics, but I lost it on the gay meme. The way he's laying hahaha

    IMG_3852.JPG IMG_3851.JPG
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  3. Kakarot

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    Agreed man. It's funny no matter which party you swing for. I mean fuck if I was Mike Pence I'd think that shit was hilarious.
  4. Leancuisine

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    Same here. I wish people would laugh at shit instead of get so offended. Enter Gary Johnson... a man who truly does not give a hammered shit.

  5. Kakarot

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    He's a funny dude....didnt have a snowballs chance in hell...but funny.lol
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  6. Leancuisine

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    Deadlifts 135x20, 225x20, 275x20
    Extensions 135x20 for 3 sets
    Single leg seated Ham curls 120x15 for 3 sets
    Single Leg Machine Press 170x12 for 3 sets
    Standing and seated Calf Press.

    Having issues with motivation lately in the gym. Atmosphere sucks dick. Small town shit heads just drain ya.
    Miss my old gym!
  7. Leancuisine

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    So I'm watching this movie. Super predictable. But got damn is this shit wild.

    It's on Netflix called The Void. Kind of like the Thing meets Paranormal activity 3. Only a million times better than paranormal activity.

    Nothing is better than the thing.
  8. Leancuisine

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    Holy shot this movie took one wild last minute twist
  9. Leancuisine

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    Pull-ups 2x15
    Cable Row 3x15 @ 200
    Hammer Pulldown 3x12 @ 3 plates
    Hammer Row 4 or 5 sets of 8-12 @ 4 plates
    S1 Pulldown 3x12 @ 180
    S1 Straight Arm Pulls 3x12 @ 50
    Lever Pulls 3x15 @ 15
    Barbell Curl 1x15 @ 95, 2x10 @ 115
    Hammer Curl 3x10 @ 45
    Rear delt machine Fly 3x20 @ 130
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  10. Leancuisine

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    The surgeon I was originally scheduled with is on extended leave. Whatever that means. So I'm being outsourced to a different clinic. Hopefully they can get me in sooner, as my wife is leaving soon and I would like to be recovered by the time she leaves.

    This is going to be a long post. Here is my wild plan. Starting Sunday. Open to suggestions and whatever else. Had a huge internal battle between 2 things. Primo and tren. Was going to run Primo at 600-800mg for 12-16 weeks. Decided fuck that noise I'll stick with mast. Tren A sits alright with me, Tren e is a bitch. But I think I will hold off on the tren a as well, since I've read so many people comparing DHB to tren. So.... here's the plan.
    And yes.... I'm trying sarms. Doing S4 for gits and shiggles. Even though it's not a sarm, I will also be doing MK677 through my surgery and recovery until I run out. About 2 months.

    July 30-Sep 2 (7 Weeks) - Test E 200mg/wk, 50mg S4 5 days on/2 off, 30mg GW ED, 25mg MK677 ED, 30mg Toremifene ED, 5mg cialis ED

    SEP 3 - NOV 11 (10 Weeks)
    1-4: DHT 75mg/ED, Sdrol 20mg MWF
    1-10: Test 300mg, Mast 900mg, Torem 60mg/ED, GW 15mg/ED, Cialis 5mg/ED
    7-10: DHT 75mg/ED
    9-10: Lorcaserin 10mg/ED, albuterol 15mg/ED

    Nov 12-25 Vacation - No Shots :eek:

    Nov 26 - Jan 6 (6 Weeks)
    1-6: Test 150mg/EW, nolva 20mg/EOD, aromasin 10mg/EOD

    Jan 7 - Mar 3 (8 Weeks)
    1-8: Test 150mg/EW, DHT 75mg/ED
    1-3: Sdrol 20mg/EOD

    Mar 4 - Jun 16 (15 Weeks)
    1-13: Test 300mg/EW, Mast 600mg/EW, DHB (1-Test Cyp) 450mg/EW, Aromasin 10mg/EOD, Nolva 20mg/EOD
    10-11: Lorcaserin 10mg/ED, Albuterol 15mg/ED
    10-15: DHT 150mg/ED, *Tren A 75mg/ED, Winny 25mg/ED, Prami .5mg/MWF, Raloxifene 60mg/MWF, Aromasin 30mg/MWF
    13-15: Sdrol 30mg/MWF
    13-15: Mast 1G/EW, Winny 50mg/ED, Lorcaserin 10mg/ED, Albuterol 25mg/ED, Cialis 5mg/ED

    *Still up in the air about the tren... love/hate relationship there.

    Pretty normal for the most part until the end there. I want to try a classic physique comp, or at least shoot for one. No promises though as I've wussed out before and opted for rugby instead of a muscle pageant cock fest.

    48 weeks I guess. Let's see how things go. Super stoked to try the DHT. Pretty curious to try DHB as well. 450 is a moderate dose. From what I've read most run 600. Ill brew it at 150mg/ml and see how I feel on 450. I wanted to try it before my vacation, but I want to hold off and give it a longer run.
    Sdrol is another thing I'm on the fence about, as all orals make me start getting back pumps around the 3rd week. Halo did fine when I knocked it down to 3x/week. So I will try that with Sdrol as well.

    Questions, gripes, concerns?
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  11. Leancuisine

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    Also watched Gantz:0 last night. Pretty fuckin badass.
  12. c_natty

    c_natty Member

    How are you training throughout this?
  13. Leancuisine

    Leancuisine Member

    Training? I figured the steroids would do all the work for me!??

    Well right now I'm winging it.

    Post surgery I'm training 6 days a week, Chest/Delt/Tri
    Back/Rear Delt/Bi
    Back/Rear Delt

    Every now and then I do a morning trot on the trail. Nice jog around 8 Min/mile. If I decide to run to the diamonds I will do a sprint circuit around the bases.

    Starting January I'm going to start a split kind of similar to lane nortons strength thing where he has:
    Monday - Upper Body Strength
    Tuesday - Lower Body strength
    Wednesday - Off
    Thursday - Chest/Delts
    Friday - Legs/Calves
    Saturday - Back/Arms
    Sunday - Off

    Then in March I'm starting with my buddy who does coaching and will see where he thinks I need improvement. That way I have March-May to improve on my physique. Then June-July I will be cutting.

    Nutrition has been Chicken and potatoes with tacos every now and then.
    Going to keep that going, just knock the tacos down to Fridays. Then once my wife leaves for her vacation I'm sticking with chicken and broccoli with potatoes until I go link up with her.

    Then once I'm back, it's back to chicken and potatoes fit to whatever my TDEE is at the time, with beef and pork substituted every now and then. I actually fucking love plane sweet potatoes.

    Then come march, whatever my buddy tells me to eat.
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  14. Leancuisine

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    Great news! Surgery got moved from August 15 to September 12 because there's no doctors in this fucking state.

    Fucking VA....
  15. Leancuisine

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    Gotta bring the positivity back in after that horse shit.

    IMG_3518.JPG IMG_3515.JPG
  16. Leancuisine

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    Incline bench 135x10, 225x10, 275x8 Dropset to 225x8
    Supersets of low db raise, bodyweight chest Dips, and Calf Press.
    Flat Bench 3 sets of 225x10, 135x40
    Battling ropes 4 minutes total - 20 seconds work 10 seconds rest.

    Found this bug. Anyone know what it is?
    IMG_4088.JPG IMG_4090.JPG
  17. Kakarot

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  18. Leancuisine

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    No shit? I was wondering. I would always hear them down in GA but I've never seen one. Idk what they're doing way up north here....
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  19. Leancuisine

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    With my diet as of late I should probably just switch to power lifting.

    Been doing higher rep stuff. Did a set of 20 today for 315 on squats. Yesterday was back. Day before was chest. I think.

    Going to let this thread die out. I have surgery September 12. I will be giving Sdrol a shot end of August to see how it jives with me. That way if it makes my left nipple any worse it doesn't really matter.
    Speaking of that, I've been taking 90mg toremifene a night. Once I stopped taking tren e the lump went from hard as fuck to soft. Toremifene shrunk it to about half of what it was. Just going off visual judgement. I don't play with my nips. And you can't notice it unless I have my arm extended straight out or above my head.

    Unfortunately I made a fuckin mistake and mixed the toremifene and mk677 in the same pill. MK doesn't do anything but make me ravenously fucking hungry. Horrible. If I'm not asleep within 30 minutes of taking it I will clean out the pantry. I drove to Walmart at 2am and powered my way through 16 fudge sundae pop tarts. I haven't eaten pop tarts since Stan. Wtf!? Fuck MK677. Wouldn't even recommend it unless your TDEE is like 6,000.

    Trying to think of other things to update. Idk. Pretty stoked to try DHB. Will be doing that after I recover, probably come October I will start.

    Anywhom, this will be my last update. Gonna let this die and do a gyno surgery post if it's worth it to let others see how the process works. But for sure will be doing a DHB log in the steroid cycle thread.

    Catch you cats later. Thank you to the 4 people that stuck with me through the log! You guys are troopers ;):):D:cool:
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  20. c_natty

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    Don't be too nervous for the surgery. (Not that I think you are.) Just PLEASE stay away from the gym for 2 months. If you "think" it's okay, it probably is. But is it worth a chest pump and possibly another surgery?

    Having experienced it myself, I can say that although it is a bitch to go through recovery, it is SO worth it. And if it doesn't look perfect, wait a month. Still not perfect, wait 6 months. Still not to your liking, wait a year. It's been two years since mine, and no one could guess I have ever had surgery. TIME HEALS ALL.

    And while you are recovering, it is fun to pass the no-gym time by planning the upcoming training/cycle for when you are ready. Great motivator. And don't touch your nips. They'll be fine. Think about how good your chest will look with perfect nipples and a HUGE AAS pump.

    Anyways, thanks for the log. Read every post, kept me entertained and definitely learned some things.
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