2018 Cut w/ Pics

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  1. DeadFlex

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    So I fell off the wagon hard at the beginning of the year and up until summer. I ended up putting on a shit ton of weight and fat and ended up at 232 lbs @ 25% bf by the time I finally got my ass in gear and got back in the gym and on a good diet.

    I went from this:

    To this:

    So basically I became a fat piece of McDonalds eating shit. Not going to make excuses for myself, but I got a new gf and got lazy as shit. Eating out crap food all the time, lots of drinking, stopped working out. Can't believe I let myself get to that point. I jumped on some Test E (not advisable at that body fat percent) and ran varying doses between 200-500mg/wk and this is where I'm at now 4 and a half months later:


    Right now I'm sitting at 5'10", 210 lbs. @ 13.5% bf according to manual caliper using Parillo formula. I got some Pharmacom gear on the way and plan on running the following until 7-8% bf:

    300mg Sustanon
    350mg/wk tren Ace (ramping up to 525mg/wk)
    200mg/wk NPP (for joint relief)
    50mg ED Winstrol (6 weeks on, then 2 month break before getting back on again)
    25mg EOD aromasin
    Maybe some t3 when I get lower

    I'll be posting weekly updates here with updates pics bi-weekly. Hope to inspire and get feedback along the way!
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  2. Boilermech

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    Very cool buddy. I’ll be waiting for your updates. Good luck on this journey and congratulations on getting yourself back into shape.
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  3. NorthMich

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    The fat is always at the door, ready to come in. It’s the biggest mind game of this whole adventure for me.

    You really did a great thing there brother. How old are you?
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  4. PrinceLambo

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    Impressive comeback man!
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  5. DeadFlex

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    Thanks guys! Definitely feeling a lot better now. I remember it was tough tying my shoes when I was 232 lbs., never want to feel that again that's for sure.

    I'm 31, hope to get down to 7-8% within 6 months which I think is a doable goal with these compounds. I might through in some Mast P when I get below 10% but we'll see.

    Also as far as NPP, I find that it really helps my joints. I've got issues in my shoulders and right elbow (tennis elbow) and when I add NPP at 200mg/wk I find within that same week I get major relief and as a result my lifts shoot up by a really good amount. It's crazy how fast that stuff works for me. I hate cycling and lifting without it.
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  6. PrinceLambo

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    Looks like you shouldn’t be having any trouble any time soon brother.

    My right shoulder has never quite been 100% after a bad car accident (totaled and crushed) a couple of years ago, so it’s interesting that NPP has helped you. That’s definitely something I’m going to keep in mind..
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  7. DeadFlex

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    Yeah man try it out. It's a cheap therapeutic option in my mind. It really helps with the impingement in my shoulders. It reverts back to normal a little while after I get off it, but it doesn't get any worse like some people say happens after you use nandrolone to ease joint and tendon issues.
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  8. PrinceLambo

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    I’ll have to give it a shot the next run. It’ll be nice to up some weights to failure without always be cautious. Thanks for that info!
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  9. Blakeyy

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    that's crazy first picture your in amazing shape. Then when you added the weight on no offence you don't look like you ever lifted but dame now you look fucken huge mate amazing transformation in that time welldone.
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  10. Great job, thats some hard work!
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  11. Rockclimber

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    Nice comeback. Thanks for posting, im always looking for positive motivation when cutting.
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  12. T-Bagger

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    That’s inspiring bro - you’ve totally transformed
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  13. DeadFlex

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    Thanks guys, I really appreciate it! It's amazing how when you get out of shape and fat your motivation for everything just goes down the drain. I remember being winded just bending over to tie my shoes and climbing stairs were even worse. It's just a snowball effect and it effects your mood and you definitely become more susceptible to depression and other mental hurdles.

    But I feel great now. I definitely have my love for the gym back and it feels stronger than ever! Really excited to jump on the tren and Winstrol. Never ran winny before and can't wait. Couple more days and it should be here.

    Weighed in at 210 this morning and body fat dropped to 12.4%. Gettin there!
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    Great job!!
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  15. DeadFlex

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    Hey guys, here is an updated pic this morning. Took bf measurement and I'm in the mid 12's somewhere, this was after a meal earlier. Still waiting on the new gear and ran out of Sus a week ago. Hopefully it gets here by Monday or I'm gonna have to go to a local pharmacy and get a few amps of Test E.

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  16. PrinceLambo

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    Looking solid bro, keep it up. Traps look crazy man!
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  17. DeadFlex

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    Thanks man! Bent over cable lateral raises really help them I've found
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  18. Worf

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    @DeadFlex So how is your appetite on the gear? What are you eating like? I always have trouble controlling my appetite when I do more than cruise dose test or throw in other compounds.
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  19. DeadFlex

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    Honestly this is the first time on cycle where I don't know what my caloric intake is like, I'm just roughly guessing. I eat out every meal of the day (eating out is cheap where I live) except for breakfast which is usually just 4 eggs peanut butter sandwiches and oatmeal. The rest is all chicken rice and broccoli during the day for the most part.

    I'm really not that hungry at all on 500mg of Sust. I estimate I have to be hitting around 2000 calories a day right now and am never hungry during the day, which is a little odd to me even moreso because I am doing anywhere between 20-60 min of cycling a day at moderate-high intensity.

    I haven't added in the tren or Winny yet though so that could change, hopefully I'm not wanting too much more food as I much prefer being not hungry all the time to being hungry. Having the same appetite when I blast as when I cruise is definitely nice. But once I'm done hitting around 7-8% with this cut I'm going to cruise for a month or two then jump on 1g Test E, some Deca and cycle Anadrol and Tren in and out so I'm going to be needing the calories which I'm not looking forward to.
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  20. DeadFlex

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    Time to kick this into overdrive.
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