20mg Nolva & 10mg DBol same size .. fake?

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    Hey, first post here. Sorry if there's a better area for this thread. But just opened my packs of nolva (20 mg per pill) and Dbol (10 mg per pill) only to find that they're the exact same size. I know mg is a unit of weight rather than size but that would mean the Nolva powder would have to weigh twice as much? These are pressed pills rather than capsules so I can't imagine there is any significant difference caused by more or less air. But on the other hand, I ordered these from a pretty well known company who has put a lot of work into their packaging so I can't believe they'd overlook something as obvious as this. Am I missing something obvious? Are the compounds mixed with something that causes them to be nearly identical size? Thanks in advance.
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    the actual compound is always mixed with a filler.
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    Filler compound makes up most of the weight and the UGL guaranteed uses the same pill press for everything.

    20mg of nolva is a tiny amount of actual raw powder.

    Doesn't mean anything. I have 50mg clomid that's the same size as my 500mcg (half a mg) cheque drops.
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    Tabs and caps weird. Generally a tab press is retooled to smaller dies for smaller tabs to save on excipient costs. This would be in pharma where you make millions of the same product daily. A good tab press chucks out a million tabs a shift. In underground labs who knows, I will say from what I have seen most tabs bogus. Believe it or not good tabs much harder to make then an oil suspension. Mix times, intensifier bar, grind size, load size validation etc. then take that blend move it, use vibration into throat of press segregation happens again. That’s just the front end. Then there is testing, dissolution, etc
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    Sounds like Pharmacom.

    All their tabs are the exact same size regardless of active ingredient content.
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    So basically then I would say they have one set of dies so they formulate based on packing out the cavity. Dies are not cheap.
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    Every compound in the world has a different density and many have fillers... 2mg xanax bars look bigger than 50mg adrols. I have 500mg depakote that looks about the size of maybe 200mcg of clen, that’s 2,500 times more weight in the depakote.
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