24 week cycle. 14 weeks into bench only meet, then 10 into first bb show

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  1. As the title states, I started my 24 week cycle earlier this week. I'll be doing 600 test, 500 eq for the entire duration. The first 14 weeks lead into a bench only meet, then I'll be going immediately into a 10 week show prep since I'm already pretty lean right now. I'll be adding in 400 masteron 12 weeks out from the show(2 weeks out from the meet) and 60 Anavar 8 weeks out from the show. Knowing my aromatization rate I'll be adding in 6.25mg aromasin every pin starting week 3. Considering 50 Anadrol during the last 4-6 weeks leading into the meet.

    Pin #1: 300 test, frontload with 1,000 eq
    pin #2: 300 test, 250 eq
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    A bench specialist eh?

    Good to see more PL guys joining up.

    Stop by the PL forum on occasion although I'm not really of any use (being a newbie to PL)

    Those guys are great and you'll increase some numbers just by talking with them.


    Mind throwing up some stats?
    Like weight and bench press.

    Will make it easier for guys like me to learn based off similarities and we can do some math.

    Good luck on both your show and your meet brother!
  4. Sure! I'm 5'7" and currently dieted down to a low of 158. I plan on competing in the USPA 75kg class. My best bench as of yet is a 365 at rpe 8.5 pause at the tail end of my first cycle of 500 test/week and I was weighing in at 182 at the time.

    I guess you could say a bench specialist nowadays, lol. I don't like to squat too heavy anymore ever since my back injury about 2 years before my first ever cycle. Back then I was a less-than-lean 165 with a squat of 515, bench 295, sumo deadlift 545. Nowadays I squat 3 plates, give or take, for reps with an exaggerated eccentric, high bar to make it as difficult as possible and do the heavier leg work on things like leg press and hack squat.

    Thank you for the good luck wishes! I have high hopes for both the show and the meet.
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    Solid numbers at that weight brother.
    I'll just go ahead and assume you're lean as fucknas well, considering you're doing a show after

    Looking forward to the log

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    Count me in. Pretty insane numbers for that bodyweight.

    I'm temporarily training bench only myself due to a hip injury.
  7. Thanks brotha! Yeah I'd say I'm at my leanest that I've been since high school wrestling.
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  8. Thanks, I try! That's unfortunate to hear though, but at least you're still able to train at all.
  9. Pin #3: 300 test, 250 eq. Got blood in the syringe for the first time ever when I aspirated, stuck the needle in a bit deeper and I was good.
    Pin #4: 300 test, 250 eq. Went smooth as butter

    I have a high sex naturally and I've noticed it going up already. Last cycle the libido was almost debilitating. I've recently noticed an large increase in vascularity. After a shower especially my abs looks like google maps. Honestly not too thrilled about that level of vascularity but it is what it is.
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    In on this, good luck with your run mate. Looks like a solid choice of compounds. EQ is one of my favorite drugs. Nice and slow, easy to pin, low sides. Are you running midcycle bloods to check cell counts and electrolytes?
  11. Pin #5: 300 test, 250 eq. Nothing special, just another day
    Pin #6: 300 test, 250 eq, 6.25 aromasin. Noticing a lot of extra vascularity that wasn't there before. Lots of veins on my abs, chest, and top of forearms. Average speed on my road bike is already up by 2mph and endurance feels through the roof. Strength is going up in all my lifts and I'm looking a lot more full already. Up 8lbs since the 1st pin.
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  12. Yes! I also set up an appointment to donate blood at the end of next month.
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  13. pin #7: 300 test, 250 eq, 6.25 aromasin.
    pin #8: 300 test, 250 eq, 6.25 aromasin.

    Feeling good, recovery is going really well, bench press strength is going up like 20lbs a week for reps at the moment so I'm pretty thrilled about that. Think I may have topped out with the water weight gain from the AAS. Started the cycle at 158 lbs, currently sitting at 170 with minimal fat gain.
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  14. Another update, I have decided against the Anadrol leading up to the meet and decided to go with Anavar instead to make it easier to fit into my weight class when the time comes and still get the strength gains from an oral.
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    Damn some great stats! I'll be following your journey. Good health and cheers
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    What's your training looking like for doing bench only?

    I just finished up doing Smolov Jr for bench and did nothing but bench and it worked like magic. I ate like a pig though, I don't know how viable it would be not being in a decent surplus.
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    Definitely interested as well.
    Also considering he has a show coming up, so the physique would have to be symmetrical.

    Wouldnt want to even ATTEMPT a Meet followed up by a show.
    Sounds like WAYYY too much for the amount I can dedicate to training.
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  18. If I were natty I'd start hitting sets of 5's and 3's further out from the meet. Since I'm still relatively a noob when it comes to juicing I'm spending a larger portion of the meet prep dedicated to higher volumes. currently benching 2x a week. Both days having 5x8 on a duffalo bar pause bench @rpe 8-9, dedicated tricep work, and lateral raises.. The first day being followed by weighted dips, the 2nd being followed by a dumbbell presses. Once I'm closer to the meet(7 weeks out) I'll continue benching 2x a week, but with a standard barbell. 2x2 and 5x5 on the first bench day, 2x1 and 3x3. Starting at 7 weeks out at about 7-7.5 rpe, then finishing at at 4 weeks out working up to rpe 9-10. Then 2 weeks of only sets of singles, doubles and triples. The last week being a taper to get rid of the fatigue in preparation for the meet.

    After the meet I'll take a week deload and then start what would be "off season" type of work in regards to bodybuilding. No more flat bench press. More shoulder work, military presses, incline bench, machine work, etc. During the whole cycle except for the last 4 weeks leading into the meet I'll be doing a shitton of back work so get myself as broad as possible since from a physique standpoint IMO my lats and forearms lack the most.
  19. You're doing my numbers at 55+ pds lighter. You're a strong mofo.
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    Damn reading this thread makes me want to try pl but dunno where to start haha
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