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    Hello everyone !

    Some of you might already know us so you wont need any further introduction but for those of you that dont here is a little about us;

    We are an international source that specialize in Human Grade steroids, rHgh, anabolics and other related hormones and products.

    You will find our store and products at

    We have access to over 4000 NON controlled items so if you have a special request for items not listed please let us know and we will see if its available for your purchase.


    You can always contact us via the contact page or at our live chat support
    if you have any questions.

    -We will normally answer you within 24 hours. (Mon-Friday)

    We value privacy and discretion

    -Please find our Public PGP key's here

    Let this be clear;

    We do not deal with any form of narcotics or anything addictive

    Request will be ignored and email blocked

    Our minimum order is 150 usd


    WE CURRENTLY ACCEPT BITCOIN, MG, WU AND BANK TRANSFER (bank transfer only valid for bulk orders 3000 usd or more)



    Please do not place an order unless you intend to complete payment within 48 hours.

    Once you have received payment instructions you will have 48 hours to complete your payment.
    If the order remains unpaid after 48 hours we may cancel your order at any time.

    We are very tolerant with our 48 hour rule and if you feel you might need extra time to complete your payment then please just simply contact us asking for extra time.


    We ship to all destinations world wide.

    The shipping options will either be:
    Airmail tracked and signed for, EMS tracked and signed for or Courier tracked and signed for
    which you will have a choice of when checking out.

    We advise countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, West Coast USA and Brazil to use the AIRMAIL option, as this method tends to have the highest rate of success in clearing customs.
    However this is your choice! We also advise these countries to add note 'Stealth' shipping option when checking out.

    Depending on your location you can expect to receive your order anywhere between 2-30 working days after cleared payment.

    NB. Please note we ship from different locations so you order may come in one or more parcels

    We have an excellent success rate in clearing customs and we will always do everything possible to ensure you receive your order,
    however we DO NOT under any circumstances take responsibility for Customs seizures!
    We also do not take any responsibility for delivery's damaged, delayed or lost by international postal services.


    -We provide 1 FREE reship to the following countries and areas:
    *Shipping fee not included.
    Customers in other countries are subject to a reship provided for a 50% payment based upon original order value.

    Note: reship policy do not apply for promos or discounted items.

    You are important
    We believe that we are only as good as our last sale

    We simply need the truth from our customers about products and the services
    we provide in order to constantly exceed and improve our business
    keeping our customers happy and satisfied

    Customer satisfaction is the key factor for our operation.

    Further questions about us or the products
    we carry fire away and i will do my best to answer you


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    Me too... sz-x250-1440x2016_spark_page.png
  4. Ryno1980

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    Wait.... it says were important.... must be true... o_O
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    One free reship and then you start charging extra? Man, that sounds really profitable for you.

    I dont know about you guys but i am dying to send this guy money:rolleyes:
  6. Tmisatix

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    These guys are off of gh15 too and supposedly their T/A is absolutely horrible like 1-3 months

    That's all I know....
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  7. biggerben69

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    These guys have been around for at least a few years. I haven't been able to keep up with them lately but always got pretty good reviews from what I remember.
    I mentioned these guys in a post here recently. One of the newer int sources here has a domestic menu. I thought they looked similar to 24hrreup and was going to ask them if they were in some way connected to them.
    I guess they aren't. 24hr has offered domestic 126iu kits of serostim @$1,100 for the last few years. The new source here offers it for $710.
    24 has been a reliable source over the years, though. New guys have to prove they have legs yet.
  8. Michael7

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    So if I ordered £1000 worth of gear and it got seized then I'd have to pay £500 to get it reshipped ????
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  9. biggerben69

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    I have to read that whole reship policy again. They say they aren't responsible for ANY customs seizure(or damage during shipping) but then say they offer 1 reship to the US and 2 other countries? Sounds like they charge those 3 countries the shipping charges again but not the cost of the order.
    All other countries they offer a reship if seizure occurs but at 50% of the original order cost plus shipping(I assume).
    This isn't unique as I've seen many int sources offer a 50% reship policy. Not saying it's cool...just saying I've seen it many times over the years.
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  10. Bradly

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    Ive used 24 in the past. I had no problems.
    Upside: great products, reliable, takes care of his customers
    downside: communications

    hes got a pretty good sale going on right now, but I personally wouldnt order heat sensitive product during the summer in the middle of a global heat wave
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  11. Robfromga

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    You do know about the policy for new sources to send 3 bottles of tren a to all the active members before your allowed to post right?
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  12. biggerben69

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    I don't believe this is the first time 24hr has come through meso? Pretty sure I remember another thread at some point?
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  13. Robfromga

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    Stop shilling for the new source. Already a rep? Dam.

    Posts a introduction post...but its not an introduction. Oh yeah.
  14. biggerben69

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    They've done this Before here. If you need some serostim I would tell you to go through me...not these guys @$1,100...I consider that waayyy overpriced.
    I guess compared to a wellness clinic @$22/iu $9/iu is a bargain...but still way too much, imo. Did I just shill for myself?
    I'm kidding, please no pm's about gh...unless we go back awayz...kidding again.
    Just saying these guys are pretty well known at a lot of boards. I've never ordered and never would.
  15. Bradly

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    I think Im the one shilling. technically

    Ben Imma hit you up some time bout that, not anytime soon though
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  16. Robfromga

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    I'm going to need you to send me 3kits for testing purposes.
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  17. biggerben69

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    Certainly! Lets speak freely on Skype or facetime...hit me up on my Gmail acct, first. Thank you for your interest in bb69 enterprises Inc....where bb69, not the customer, is always right.
    PS...it's only $19.99 per month to receive my monthly newsletter that has updated product and price lists...I'll be posting my PayPal particulars here shortly.
  18. Robfromga

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    I can only use hotmail or facebook
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  19. Throwback

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    Do you accept credit cards? Or we can meet in a dark alley and i could pay cash.
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  20. biggerben69

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    I have one of those credit card swipers that snaps right on to my iPhone. You can use your credit card when we meet in the Alley. Everything on the up and up...right down to the receipt.