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    Lol, that shits old, :eek: But still nasty!!
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    Well damn..!! So if its kinda like disclosing the SR-71 Blackbird in the 90's... and cause they were really hiding the latest... I just dont want to know what CURRENT SMUT STANDARDS ARE....!

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    I heard about this video a few years ago but nothing could have prepared me for that!!!! Having serious regret rt now
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    Yea.. IT just seems to get WORSE and WORSE and WORSE...

    I have to admit I've watched it about 4 times now.. PARTIALLY.. Only cause its like one of those QUALITY MOVIES where there is just SO MUCH CONTENT, that everytime you watch you get more.
    FINALLY I realized they were vomiting it back up on each other and just took me to another place once I realized what I was seeing....!


  8. Wtf????? I...i...i... wtf
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    I've watched it beginning to end a few times it's pretty funny
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    Nope. Not falling for that again
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    Tou can smell the shit through the screen
    One time is enough