2nd blast feedback (low test, high NPP)

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  1. oceanus99

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    I'm just finishing up a 15 week blast of Test E @ 500mg/week. I'll cruise for a few weeks at 250mg test-E/week then start my second blast.

    I am looking to stay lean and make gains during my second blast while trying to avoid as much bloat as possible. So, I was looking into running low test-prop with high NPP for 12 weeks. Thoughts on this?:

    Weeks 1 - 12
    test prop 100mg EOD
    NPP 175mg EOD
    cabergoline 0.25mg EOD
    adex 0.25 EOD

  2. Milk Man

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    Whats your blood work like ? Check your health before just running blast after blast.

    Also, personally, i would cruise at 150 mg per week for about 12 weeks in between blasts. Not a few weeks, extend your cruise longer. I have made nice gains on cruise and even hit a few PR's .

    And it looks like your 23, you maybe should concidere doing a nice pct and save your nuts.
  3. Big_paul

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    It makes no sense in cruising for a few weeks before beginning another cycle. You aren't doing yourself any favors. You will still be shut down. Imo It would be better to continue your cycle for 6 weeks.

    The best thing to do would be to run pct and allow yourself to recover.
  4. SuperMaroid

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    I've never ran NPP before but have heard great things about it. My friend ran almost the same cycle with test prop and NPP at 100mg eod and aromasin instead of adex and had great results.
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  5. oceanus99

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    I've had bloods done 3 times during the blast. All values are perfect. My 2nd test showed low E2 which was my fault due to overdoing the AI. Once I went back to lower AI, E2 went back to the upper end of normal range.

    As for nuts, I am running hcg E3D @ 250iu to keep my balls working.


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  6. oceanus99

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    Don't think it's a good idea to be blasting 500mg test for 21 weeks.
  7. Big_paul

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    I agree with that, but the other plan was to finish the cycle and then cruise with 250mg ew for 8 weeks then run another 12 week cycle. Which would you say would be in the op's best interest.

    I would rather see op run a pct and fully recover from his cycle before he runs another. It's a free country, and he will do what he wants to.
  8. oceanus99

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    This is OP btw. Why would I want to cycle off if I'm running hcg throughout my blast/cruise? As in how would it be better for me? I'm getting my bloods done frequently + keeping my balls working.
  9. Big_paul

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    I'm not telling you you should cycle off. I'm saying don't cruise and just incresse the length of your cycle. Cruising with 250mg ew is only shutting you down longer.

    What I'm saying is that it would be more responsible to pct and recover from one cycle before you begin another, but
    but that is entirely your decision. You will live with the consequences of your of the decisions you make while using PED'S.
  10. oceanus99

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    Right.. Well like I said I'm not cycling. I'm blasting/cruising which means my natural test productions stays shut down regardless. The point of the cruise is to have a period of time without some of the side effects of high test such as elevated blood pressure (Even though my bloodwork shows I have none of these sides). That being said, if you do a bit more research you'll learn blasting/cruising on hcg is safe and keeps your balls working. IMO it's safer than cycling due to less hormone fluctuations and your body+mood not being on a roller coaster ride. To each their own.