2nd cycle advice , First time stacking

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    Heys guys , looking at doing my second cycle ,first time stacking , be hepful and not shit talking

    My first cycle was 12 wks just Test E , injecting 1.5ml twice a week for first 8 weeks and 1 ml last 4 weeks then 2 weeks break then 2 weeks of clomid and nolvadex

    Been off gear for about 5 months now , got some more money , my second cycle i am looking at doing 12 week cycle of test E and primobolan depot : cycle is
    wk 1 +2 : 1.5 ml Test 2 x a week
    Wk 3-10 : test 1ml and Primobolan 1.5ml 2 xweek
    Wk 10 -12 : test 1ml and Primobolan 1 ml 2xweek

    And clomid for pct for 2 weeks

    .. I am looking at also stacking Dianabol tabs at the start for 4-6weeks at 20- 25mg per day for some mass , with test E and Primobolan : because from my research from steroid.com : Primobolan is good for less side effects , and one of the most safer steriods , I believe this would help with side effect from dianabol such as gyno and lessen the water retention? ... and Primobolan being a steroid to help maintain muscle would help keep muscle gainz !

    feedback and experience and more knowledge would be useful.
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    Two weeks of pct is half of what you should be doing. Also, when using enanthate esters, you should wait three weeks before starting PCT instead of two.

    Primo has low side effects on its own. It will not lessen the side effects of other drugs. It just won't add to the sides much.

    You should do more research on PCT and aromatase inhibitors before you start.
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    Thanks for the advice on pct , on my first cycle i waited 2 weeks after last pin , and did two weeks of clomid and nolvedex ,

    This cycle ill wait 3 weeks , and ill research more into my pct , looking at starting in another month or teo just researching and learning more about stacking first , i have arimidex for a AI