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    What's going on MESO!
    Just finished my 1st cycle of 500mg test cyp with .5adex every 3.5 days or so AMAZING results (thank you TGI) started after I cut down to 185 @5ft 9in, I was about 10% body fat. I upped my cals too 500 above maintenance, put on 20lbs, and I'd say 90% or more solid! For pct I'm using clomid and nolvadex. For my second cycle I'm thinking about adding EQ for the endurance aspecs because I need to be able to run still, and at 205 I have noticed a slight decrease in my cardio shape. I'm still wanting to put on more size but still need to be able to run (no tren) open to orals or injectables, just looking for the best compounds with least sides, what do yall recommend? Thanks in advance guys
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    If you PCT I would stay away from really long esters like EQ or Deca. The esters are so long it makes PCT harder. All steroids increase red blood cells too which is the endurance enhancement.

    Since you got good results from 500 mg/week test, run it again and add an oral. I know that’s the boring answer but why fuck with something that’s not broken?

    You could also run a 10 week cycle of Test and NPP, around 400-500 of Test and 300-400 of NPP would give good results for a second cycle and NPP is a short-Ester so it’ll clear much quicker than deca.
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    HIGHRISK Member

    This would be good second cycle.

    IMO why not just repeat what you just did if it was that great. Run that again and maybe add some test p daily over the 500 E and 50 mg of proviron daily. Get the most out of it then add shit. Just an idea
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  4. Monstar

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    This about has it covered.

    One thing I'd add on cardio is that weight gain, muscle and/or fat, will make it harder. I'm mostly thinking running and moving around vs rower etc...
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    This is good advice. EQ will just complicate pct.
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    The problem isn't the drugs it's the additional weight. Part of being big is not being great at running -- you have to pick one or the other. There's a reason that you don't see jacked 250 lb marathon runners.

    The EQ will help a bit during your cycle, but your endurance is going to drop off after you stop. It's a temporary solution.

    Also, as noted by others, EQ isn't the best for people who pct. It can be done (I've done it myself) but it's far from ideal. If you feel the need to add in another compound (which is entirely unnecessary for a second cycle) I'd go with masteron; Anavar would be good if you want to try out an oral.
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    If your hell bent on using EQ,, then that is fine. Some people like it,, others don't. You have to try it once to see if it is right for you or not. The only thing different I would do is maybe quit EQ and test at the 16 week mark. In week 16,, I would start to do a trt dose of test prop at about 25mg/day for about 6 weeks and Anavar at 40mg/day. The EQ will take up to 6 weeks to clear out of you,, so doing test prop and anavar every day would help you keep your gains during those 6 weeks without EQ in your body. After 6 weeks,, do the pct thing
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  8. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    PCT after 22 weeks is tougher than doing a PCT after only 10-12 weeks of being shutdown.
    EQ is better suited for blast and cruise or TRT guys.
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  9. Hacksaw Jim

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    If the OP is taking hcg throughout the 22 weeks,,, then it really shouldn't be that bad for PCT. Without doing HCG;;;; it will be a big problem. Overall,, as with anything,, its going to be a trial and error thing for the OP to see if EQ will be right for him in the future. I like EQ myself,, but I have preference for the boldenone cypionate version,,, and I like DHB a hell of a lot better yet.
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    Thanks for all the input and ideas. I'm thinking about staying away from EQ for my second cycle, just seems overly complicated, I would like to add another compound. Thinking npp or Anavar, I like var for the recomp/ cutting properties, but npp I think would add some serious size
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  11. Sharkweek

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    Anaver is going to be much simpler to run. No prolactin issues, no estrogen issues. I would take your first cycle and add in 40-60mg of Anavar for the first 4-6 weeks, and run hcg throughout at 500iu 2x a week.
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  12. Monstar

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    People seem to not use Anavar early due to price I guess. Nandrolone makes for a whole batch of other potential issues. Var would be easy. I'm a long way from 2nd cycle (20+ years) but test and var sounds good and easy.
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  13. Jankauskas

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    Just do the same exact thing you did for the first cycle for the second one.

    That’s what I did and still managed to put on a good amount of weight.
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  14. Usmcompton

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    Well, I've pretty much settled on what I'm going to do after some more research and talking to a few dudes who are alot more experienced then myself. 500 test cyp/ week- 12 weeks
    50mg proviron/ day -12 weeks
    50mg Anavar/day- week 1-4
    pct like normal, will add the hcg into PCT
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    U fuckin tgi shill
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  17. EazyE

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    That will be a nice manageable cycle. Very predictable and easy to run. Save the Nandrolone or EQ for a later cycle once you build up experience starting with basic compounds. Basics are still the best for cycles. Get the most you can out of basic cycles and reasonable dosages before Making it too complex.
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  18. EazyE

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    I still find myself coming back to basic cycles now and then with limited compounds. Always predictable results based on almost 30 years of experience. Yes I am almost a fossil.... been around a while. Haney was Mr. O when I started training.
  19. fershiz85

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    I'm in the same boat, and only have one test cycle under my belt. I'm in the B&C camp, and will only pct once when the time is right and face the music. I see some of these exotic compounds that some guys run and it makes my head spin! Great that they can pull it off, but I'm too boring.
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  20. EazyE

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    Still nothing like a good old test/drol cycle for that full muscle feeling and exceptional growth.
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