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    What’s up guys fixing to start my second cycle next week and looking for some tips and advice if needed.
    Test E-500mg a week 1-12
    D-Bol 30mg weeks 1-4 or 1-6
    I have aromasin on hand, should I run it during cycle? My first cycle was sustanon 500mg a week and T-bol 50mg/day and never had any signs or symptoms of gyno or anything. Thanks for any help that may come
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    Looks like a good cycle.

    The proper answer is the only way to know if you need it is with blood work.

    The realistic answer of what you'll do is either 12.5mg eod and adjust as needed for symptoms, or just wait until symptoms show up and go from there
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    Thank ya sir
  4. Agree with @Evom1

    It’s nice to see for your second cycle your not trying to blast huge amounts of AAS, stacked with orals and the whole 9. Keeping it simple and gradual is great IMO.

    For me personally when it comes into play with an AI I’m not extremely prone to sides from past experiences and normally hold off until signs start to show before use. Everyone’s different. Bloodwork wouldn’t be a bad idea to help you learn more about yourself.
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    I got nothing but time man, no need to rush into everything. I like to keep it simple and see what works for me. No need to change anything until the results start slowing down
  6. Exactly. Push more food before you push more drugs.
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    That’s definitely my strong side lol my lifting buddy struggles to eat and gets pissed when he doesn’t get mass
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