Women-Only 2nd cycle Var, Winny same dose not same results, HELP?

Discussion in 'Women's Steroid Experiences' started by Harleyrider, Jun 19, 2020.

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    Hi, ladies- I have read lots of threads and you women ARE AWESOME!!

    I have a quick question. I'm doing 2nd cycle of var 10mg/day with Winny tabs 5mg/day in my 5th week. I did this same cycle last summer and yielded great results, this year I can't seem to lose the fluffiness as I call it That last layer of fat is still there, I don't have the lean muscle look I had from last year. My diet is 8 on a 1-10 scale. My gym routine is the same if not better. This gear was from the same batch I had last summer. Can it go bad? I wanted some advice before buying something new. My DH suggested trying Primo, I am open to that but was confused about adding it and staying with the Var and Winny or dropping them.
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    First step, diet. Clean up your food and choose better calories. Increase your water intake.

    Second, your first cycle tends to be the most noticable than the second. Our human nature takes over and we gain more expectations than our body allows.

    Third, change up your training. Our bodies change every year, what worked last year or that time of year, may be different now.

    Food is your priority. Reduce your intake to ensure you're allowing yourself go into a deficit.

    Primo is a great compound but I'd run it first on its own so you can see how your body reacts to it and not add it to your existing cycle.

    Finally, remember... AAS aren't magic. Your food will determine your success, AAS are complimentary to it. Yes, they will help with fat loss as you're gaining lean mass but your training and food (lol) will determine how successful your cycle will be.

    5 weeks in is still early... especially for var. Give it another 3 weeks and you'll see it... if you run longer, 12th week tends to be my favorite as you feel and see everything. (I run var in longer cycles) winny's 6th-8th week are peak weeks for most so please be patient IF you have everything else on point.

    And did I say food?
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    Thank you @GearGodess. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. I will re-amp my diet and change up training to see if that helps.
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    Always nice advice ! Can you tell us why is better to go into a deficit ? I tried with deficit but I lost weight and wanted to use var to bulk... Thanks