2ND RUN, GO......

Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by MiaRage22, May 1, 2018.

  1. MiaRage22

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    So yesterday was my first pin, 250mg Test E & 100mg NPP. PIP was ehhhh, normal soreness I figure you can expect from an injection. This is my second cycle, first was Test only (started at 300mg then bumped it to 400mg a week) and this one will be 500mg Test & 300mg NPP.

    Hoping this run really shines, I did put on some size last run as well as gained some strength but I will be definitely eating more, doing more cardio, so hopefully everything else just falls in place.
  2. J DUGIN

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    NPP is a good addition for your second run imo. I ran the same and got good results. Add Var in for the last 6-8 weeks and you will be :)
  3. MiaRage22

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    @J DUGIN I actually thought of doing that too LOL.... I just may, we'll see how things shape out.
  4. MiaRage22

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    2nd pin in, I'm going MON, WED, FRI (Mon test250/npp100, Wed npp100, Fri test250/npp100).

    I'll be doing Glute, Delt, Glute......

    Also, Was thinking 12.5 aromasin Mon/Fri with .5 Caber on Wed; your thoughts???
  5. JackSmooth

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    Keep your estrogen under control and you wont need the caber. Only use it if you need it. Youre not running that large of a dose of NPP Either so i wouldnt worry too much about it.
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  6. MiaRage22

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  7. JackSmooth

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    What are your stats? Any chance of some before and after pics?
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  8. MiaRage22

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    34, 5'10, 180..... I 'll see if I get some pics up this weekend @JackSmooth
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  9. MiaRage22

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    So third pin in, and first week in the books....

    PIP has been there a little, not too crazy (I had worse the first go) but there.

    Anyone have any advice/experience w the ventroglute?

    I hear it's the best but locating it to me is the crazy/scary part...

    Anyways, looking forward to the weeks to come!
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  10. Murho

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    I use VG a lot, I find it very easy to find the spot because I don't have much fat in that area and I can clearly see where the muscle is when I flex it. A nurse friend explained how to find it by feeling the hip bone and top of femur, but that sounds hard to do on myself.
  11. MiaRage22

    MiaRage22 Member

    So I wouldn't say I have much fat anywhere except my gut lol, but it just looks a bit complicated. I feel like its almost shooting into your hip lol
  12. MiaRage22

    MiaRage22 Member

    Sorry guys, been super busy this weekend/today I've not been on.

    Today was the start of week 2, glute pin smoother than the first one.

    I was planning on getting some pics up and got super sunburnt on Saturday at the beach (damn Cinco de Mayo lol)....

    When I'm a little less burnt/red I'll get them up..
  13. MiaRage22

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    Haven't forgotten about you guys, right delt pin this morning...
    Feel like pump has gotten better, still no strength increase that I can tell...
  14. MiaRage22

    MiaRage22 Member

    Pinned this morning, left glute and end of week 2.
    I feel as tho pump continues to be better than normal, maybe a little more intensity/mind muscle connection... A little warmth a times..
    Hoping for some excitement soon!!!
  15. Dr. Savage

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    Is this a source from here or private?
  16. MiaRage22

    MiaRage22 Member

    One from here, well actually both have been on here. One has a good rep, the other not so much lol..... It's the first source for many (hint hint N*PS) hoping I was one of the lucky ones that did get legit shit once upon a time as I bought this a while ago.... I bought it so I might as well use it I figured, for what it's worth I did labmax it back when I got it and it did show test in it (not that it tells me it's accurately dosed but fingers crossed)...
  17. JayBigJ

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  18. MiaRage22

    MiaRage22 Member

    Sorry gentlemen, life has been a little hectic (school/regular life events) that I haven't been on as much as I'd like....

    Shoulder pin this morning, Right glutepinn Monday morning...

    Still no crazy strength increase, feel like pump was better last week, but none the less we keep pushing!!!
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  19. MiaRage22

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    Sorry again guys, this summer semester has me stressing lol....

    Week 3 basically in the books, at times I feel/look more swollen after workouts yet at other times I feel/look smaller :(

    My mind is playing tricks on me (Geto Boys reference)

    I do feel like aggression in the gym has bumped up the last 2 days, and I've been getting foot cramps for some reason..

    Gotta keep on keepin on...
  20. MiaRage22

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    Mid week 4 pin in the books, like I said gentlemen I haven't been on as much as I'd like do to a lot going on....

    No crazy strength yet, horny-ness is up and aggression in the gym is up as well....