3 600lb+ bench pressers compete

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  1. this happened over the weekend. being that i am a big fan of Josh Bryant and the info he puts out, i figured id share this. a couple world records sets. fucking crazy next level stuff.
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    I love how the video starts... "495 warm up" LOL
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  4. yeah its insane LOL.
    495 bench moving as fast as my 495 deadlift.

    these are some of the best benchers of our time and possibly of all time though.
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    Like the commentator stated benching that at any weight class is very impressive. But the 237 pound guy pushing that much weight is almost "GOD LIKE"!!!
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    Psh.. my 495 bench moves just as fast as that.

    I cannot and will not post a video due to privacy issues though. :D
  7. Jeremy Hoornstra IS the God of the bench press
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    I wished I would have know they were in T-Town I would have love to have watched that.
    Beast right there!
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    Yeah that guy's a beast.
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    This is nuts. I feel weak as fuck
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    That is insane to be pressing that much weight at his weight. I saw the vid of Cailer Woolam pulling 900+ at 210. That is impressive. But our hips our bigger and stronger than our shoulders and to see someone not in the HW or SHW class pressing that is just insane. Awesome.
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    Kirill Sarychev would argue that.
  13. i get what youre saying, but 672 at 235 body weight i believe, is fucking absurd. Kirill is close to 400 pounds.
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    Yeah his lift was awesome, I kind of did not see him fully locking out, could be due to his build? Also he has a rather tiny arch, that impressed me more than anything really... And funny enough the chit I am at benching both him and Strickland use the same rather close grip I do lately
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  15. yeah i think that is his point of elbows locking out. he has been like that for a while.
    Alot of the big benchers have a closer grip very tricep dominate
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    @Millard Baker can we get this stickied? This is a good piece on the art of the bench press.
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    That's awesome! Thanks!
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    He's lucky he didn't break his sternum or any other bones.
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