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    Hello Meso Community,

    Age 29
    Height 5'10"
    Weight: 192
    BF: 14-16%

    2 years ago I ran my first cycle of just Test E for 12 weeks and 500mg 2x/wk
    About 6 months later I ran it again but for 16 weeks

    I used arimidex EOD during the cycle, and clomid + nolva pct

    About to do my 3rd cycle of Test E since I responded well the last two times. Trying to get to 210 lbs and drop 2-4% BF. Friends have suggested taking an oral with it the first 6 weeks this time, or try to run it with Boldenone. Looking for insights into this before adding a compound.

    I will mention I suffer from Hashimoto's disease
    I try to eat minimum 4000 calories a day

    Physical goals: Widen my back, increase bench, and lean out.

    Looking forward to contributing to forums myself one day.
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    Thank you!
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    Thank you as well!
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    Welcome man!
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    Welcome to meso picholas
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    Thanks you guys, already loving the helpfulness and knowledge base Meso's members have. Great place to be!