3 year B&C PCT help.

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    Hello, I know I've been on gear for quite sometime, about 3.5 years. Would like to come off and begin pct. I've read plenty of discussions here and every one of them has different ways to go about it. Just wondering what is the most ideal PCT protocol to follow. Thank you. Also, What are the chances im shutdown and will have to take try? I'm 24, Thank you. Please don't hate & be rude, we all make stupid mistakes. Also, Assuming I recover, would I hypothetically have enough test to still make gains natty?
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    Best of luck, you got a long journey.

    Stick to basics; stop everything, wait for compounds to be completely cleared and start blasting hcg with low dose AI. This should take some months for you to work out.

    Then start SERMS as long as you need. Blood work. Repeat.

    At 24 you got a good chance. Expect your recovery will take the same time you've been on.

    How are your balls?

    It's always interesting to follow up a recovery process like this, keep us updated!
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    Day 1-21: 1500iu hcg E3D
    Day 15: pull bloods to check response.
    Day 15-45: 20mg nolva
    Day 15-45: 50mg clomid twice
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    Brings back memories.
    Shit memories I'd like to forget.
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    When dick was dead and life hopeless (lol)
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    Did you grow a nice thick beard after that?
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    Haha negative. It grows fast but i tame the beast within.
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    for the clomid you mean 50mg twice a day correct?
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    I'm in a less extreme but similar situation. Is this blood draw (day 15) timed specifically the day before the next hcg injection (day 16) for a reason, or will TT be roughly the same regardless of how recent the last pin was provided one is still in the hCG monotherapy phase of recovery? I have 20,000 iU hCG on hand (and plenty of exemestane, nolva and clomid for later) and am hoping it's enough to get my balls restarted after a 1.5 year period with a few months break in the middle of what I think was, in retrospect, a mostly failed pct and rest period. I saw some regrowth, but not full during that time...
  11. Well higher doses of hCG can have multiple peak levels, like 5000iu shot you can have several peaks even 5 days post injection. Tbh the only important timing aspect imo is to time the blood test long enough after your last shot of T so you know whatever the result is it’s your own T facilitated by the hCG. Purpose of the blood test is to make sure your ballz are responding.
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    Try pharm grade triptorelin, my last 2 cycles were 20+weeks, i used hcg almost the entire cycle 1000ui/week, 1 shot triptorelin after all cleared , no nolva , no clomid, recovered nicely
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    Any update?
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    30 days on hcg, T level under bottom line, estrogen also under bottom line. Strangely libido is not that bad. Any advices? Should i start SERM with very low E levels?
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    I would still run a pct but if you have more questions I highly recommend starting your own thread.
    List your cycles and stuff and bloodwork and people will comment their thoughts