30 Day DNP Cycle Log

Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by Barmitsfa, May 10, 2020.

  1. Barmitsfa

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    I'll be doing a 30 day DNP Cycle Starting Today


    May 10-17 200mg
    May 18-25 200mg
    May 26-June 2 200mg
    June 3-10 200mg

    Will be taking Electrolyte solution and multivitamin. Dropping coffee.

    Diet/workout info:

    Body fat percentage 25-30 percent
    Height 5'11.4
    Weight 215lbs

    Calories 1800
    Diet Keto
    Meal timings, 5 meals per day
    under 30g carbs per day.
    Protein 240g per day Min

    I went down from 235ish lbs to 215 from Feb 10th- May 10th
    I slowly built up a consistent diet, I did no exercise until recent, was only focusing on my diet.
    I was going to go on DNP 3 weeks ago but I decided to add exercises instead (5km walking per day)
    5 day bro split.

    To see what DNP is about and weigh out the pro's/con's

    I don't really think DNP is necessary ever but I want to see the exact weight loss numbers. My guess is I will lose about 4lbs a week, I am capable of losing 2lbs a week natural on a low carb keto diet so its going to be interesting to compare.
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    well are you still alive?
  3. Barmitsfa

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    lost 4-5 this first week
    need to track water intake more
    need to track sleeping patterns more
    think my shit is higher dose than listed

    Its been 7 days, I was losing like I said around, 1-2 lbs per week naturally on a low calorie diet.

    I was very busy with many activities this week. But I checked the scale last night and I am now hovering around 211, without my walks. I've been very fatigued and slept for like 10 hours, and 15 hours. last two days. But I want to see the results of 2 weeks to confirm its 4-5ish lbs a week or was that water weight due to it dehydrating me much faster.

    I should have tracked my water intake, and make sure its consistent every day.

    I was estimating based on the bro science/ real science that it affects 10 percent per 100 mg, so I should be losing around 4lbs a week. seems to be true but will keep updated.

    I feel it though, so I think my product is over dosed. Perhaps i'm taking 300mg.

    Another reason why this shit is dangerous. Jesus christ.
    Things to do:
    Make sure and drink 8L of water per day.
    Take more pictures.
    Track sleep pattern.
  4. Mac11wildcat

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    It’s not really at all that dangerous at reasonable doses. It becomes dangerous when people buy from sources without good reputations and testing who don’t have the discipline to do it correctly but decide they need to or get fed up and results faster.
    The 10% you mentioned is considered to be 10% of your metabolic capacity per 1mg/kg IIRC. so if you’re 100kg, 100mg loosely translates to a 10% higher metabolism of cals.
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  5. Ferenor

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  6. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    How the fuck do you determine it’s overdosed based on feelzzzz when you have absolutely nothing to compare this experience too?
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  7. Barmitsfa

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    I didn't give enough info of my past experience so thats my bad. I have tried DNP before in 2018, for 7 days. 500 mg first 5 and 700 mg last two days. And these are like hand done pills looks like some are more filled up than others. Why would i take it know that? because im fucken nutts. I'm going to weigh them from now on as well.

    Another important thing I should mention, I never do it on an empty stomach. And I drink milk with the pill to attempt to protect my stomach. for whatever that is worth. I did it once on an empty stomach and it resulted in black stool(dried blood). back in 2018.
  8. Ferenor

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    500 mg and 700 are really big doses.
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  9. Mac11wildcat

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    Your first run started at 500mg, ended at 700, and lasted a week and this time you’re running 200mg straight thru 4 weeks?
  10. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    He couldn’t be more clear!

    His goal for this cycle “is to see what DNP is about”. Yet he ran it before?

    He carefully laid out his plan so we clearly know the difference from week to week:
    May 10-17 200mg
    May 18-25 200mg
    May 26-June 2 200mg
    June 3-10 200mg

    He lost 20 pounds yet he’s still 25% to 30% body fat.

    And he can tell the difference between a 200 mg dose vs a 300 mg dose.

    The guy is much smarter than the rest of us so he’s looking for that positive affirmation.
  11. Logan44551

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    Clearly he is a clairvoyant, you got any dead relatives you need closure with? Maybe you can send him a vialavial he can tell you the dosage, look out @janoshik you got some competition
  12. Barmitsfa

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    Think about it, Im not arrogant to think a one week cycle means I know anything about DNP. It was reckless, and i wanted to see if a low does for one month would be viable. I don't know why you are giving me so much credit.
  13. Barmitsfa

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    That would be an amazing ability, and id try to profit from being a mediator with people dead relatives. I charge a very high premium.
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    Who's your DNP source? Please don't say Shredded.
  15. Eman

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    Man, if you're going to do keto... At least commit to it and get into the 100gr range on the fats. This just looks like a miserable diet labeled keto, throw some fat bombs in their for Christ sake.
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  16. Jacques Lachapelle

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    DNP is harsh you have to do your research and you can't wing it with this stuff