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  1. jackmeoff1

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    Anyone try these guys yet? Their price on mk677 undercuts just about everyone else by a large margin. If it's legit I'll give the kid my business. I'm a huge fan of the stuff
  2. MindlessWork

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    Funny name for a research chem lab...makes me think of Team 3cc.
  3. RoidedUpEbi

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    lol 2x that, was thinking the exact same.
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  4. MindlessWork

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    Yup makes me think of Bostin Loyd and the rumors he started a lab and this might be it.
  5. BigJP

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    It's Bostin's company he's posted on social media and YouTube that it's his
  6. MindlessWork

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    Oh great thanks for the confirmation. Bet the OP will be wondering if it's legit.
  7. jackmeoff1

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    Kind of the point of this thread. He's been around a few months and I can't find a single review
  8. MindlessWork

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    To me no reviews means big risk. I'd wait till there's some reviews or feedback on the forums first to make a decision.
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  9. jackmeoff1

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    That's my thought. The kid isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. I believe his intentions are good but would he know the first thing about quality control? Im just not sure
  10. MindlessWork

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    Exactly this. In the world of research chems or anything you put in your body, quality control is a must. Agree he's not that bright but this must be a learning experience for him.
  11. Apexvallen

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    Even if it was legit, you still shouldn't buy from them. Fuck Bostin Loyd, he is one of the most dangerous people in the world for young impressionable AAS users.I wonder how many people went on tren for a year because 'Bostin Loyd did it'.

    Fuck that guy. Hope he goes out of business.
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  12. Bostin is legit he tells the truths.. Its guys like pj braun u should avoid.. Like even john meadeaws told pn braun was a fake
  13. I like Boston Lloyd.....however I think he's crazy and I don't really trust what he says....

    I believe he believes what he says...but I wouldn't use an injectable from him...maybe his estrogen blockers maybe clen if he has it just to test the waters....but not his peps
  14. Apexvallen

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    What does that have to do with anything? Hes telling the truth when he says he took tren fr 2 years straight. doesn't mean he should promote it to people learning about AAS.
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  15. I'm just saying I'm not sure he would know how to check quality and such

    I wouldn't trust he knew his raws were good

    On rxmuscle.com w Dave palumbo Boston Lloyd did not have an answer for how he knew his raw's were good he just said they were USA raws with no explanation of that other than they were not of Chinese origin

    Its on YouTube its over an hour long interview of Boston Lloyd by palumbo
  16. I wasn't comment ing on his knowledge I was saying I wouldn't trust his knowledge

    I meant he is being honest....meaning not deceiptful....buy I don't think he is right...I think he is dangerously high in his dose protocol
  17. Cownan

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    I wonder how his kidneys are doing? He definitely doesn't promote health so Im going to lean towards the low end on quality control
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  18. Dimentio

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    The kid is an idiot and doesn't tell it like it is; he tells it like he THINKS it is. There's a big difference.
    Every wanna be rich muscle head is starting their own peptide line now. The markup is high on cheap raws. Quality control is something you don't get from "joe blow bodybuilder". It's your money and body though.
  19. desertwarrior

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    yeah I took a look at the website, prices are outrageous. why in the world would anyone would gamle on research chems is beyond my reasoning. For those prices you could be receiving pharmacy grade tabs domestically.
  20. Jayhgh

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    Okay guys
    I have ordered some peptides from him. To name it ghrp2 and 6.
    I think he is legit and selling good stuff but one can not be sure.
    And since there is a free drug testing center in the city where I live, which also tests roids/peptides I will have it checked and upload the results.
    Also I m going to run those ghrps for a while and write a review then.
    Have a nice day and nice injections.
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