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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Ferenor, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Ferenor

    Ferenor Member

    Are four days a week split or higher frequency enough to trigger muscle growth? What is your opinion?
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  2. Biggerarms22

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    According to Dorian Yates and some others it is.
    I've never done a 4 day split. Prefer push, pull, leg 6 day splits.
  3. Rosconow

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    I personally grow faster, put on more weight when doing a 4 day week. That's why i save it for bulks. Imo the body has more time to recover and grow.
    I think sometimes we forget that the growth doesnt happen in the gym, that's tear down time, rest and sleep is grow time.
    But when it's recomp or cutting time, 5-6 days a week. But.... everyone is different.
  4. Oldschool

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    Damn straight. This post here is gospel^^^^^^^^^
    But you have to train like it’s your last day in the gym. Every workout day. Hit it so hard you want to just lay in the corner of the gym and piss and puke all over yourself after the workout. Lol.
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  5. Ferenor

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    I'm asking this because I'm easily influenced by others opinion.
  6. Ryan owen

    Ryan owen Member

    I'm currently doing juggernaut and you can run it 4 days, it is intense af for me! The first block of the series has you doing 50 reps total per compound lift then tapers. It works fine believe me. I am a PB not bb tho
  7. Ferenor

    Ferenor Member

    PB is powerbuilding? If yes it's something I like too sooo win-win
  8. Test_Subject

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    Of course. If you're running a well-designed program then training four days a week works perfectly well. I've been doing it for years.

    That's assuming that you're doing a 4 day split that trains body parts twice a week. Doing a bro-split type program 4 days a week isn't going to be ideal.
  9. Ferenor

    Ferenor Member

    My ideas are to run a Upper Lower split OR push (+quads) pull(+hams) split.
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  10. Test_Subject

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    Both work. The important thing is that the split is well-designed and tailored to your personal goals.

    I personally do the push/pull with legs included simply due to personal preference, but upper/lower is perfectly fine, too. I've done it in the past and it works well.
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  11. Ferenor

    Ferenor Member

    Tried it tonight and it was cool! Lot of exercises but i don't mind spending time in the gym
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  12. kosp

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    3: not enough, 5: too much, 6: I would rather have a life outside working out.

    I do:
    Day 1 Push + triceps
    Day 2 Pull + biceps
    Day 3 Rest
    Day 4 Legs
    Day 5 Upper Body
    Day 6 Rest
    Day 7 Rest

    If you go really hard, those rest days are a blessing, still I do some jogging on them.

    Making good advancements in strength so far.
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  13. Konrev

    Konrev Member

    I love EoD training so 3-4 times a week
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