4 weeks on 4 weeks off?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Johndoe, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Johndoe

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    any one got any good experiences from doing 4 weeks d Bol to start a cycle comming off for 4 weeks then comming back on for 4 weeks etc, never done it before always have just used them to kick start bla bla lol you no the drill it will run along side 2 to 2.2 ml of test 400 a week.
  2. guyzcool

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    I would be concerned for you liver!so make sure you're taking detox and what not. But I'm not sure if it would be effective as most ovals drop off with their effectiveness in 4-6 weeks.
  3. Johndoe

    Johndoe Member

    Yer see that's why I always just used it to bump start a cycle but I have seen a lot of people doing 4weeks on come off for 4 weeks then go back on so was just wondering haha.
  4. ebkallday

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    Sound like gyno.
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  5. D-Ballin

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    Test the whole time? At 800-1g/wk? Just "coming off" the dbol, right?

    How long are you proposing to run it?

    Your post isn't super detailed man.
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  6. dreamkiller

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    Well @Johndoe I just got off 6 weeks maybe alittle more haha , but i had my liver values check and they were bearly elevated , i got good gainz so most def good batch u would run it have a blood test done every one is diffrent.
  7. Johndoe

    Johndoe Member

    My plan was I'm just comming to the end of using d Bol for 4 weeks I was going to take no orals at all for another month then do 4 weeks again of dbol you no like a mid cycle boost sort of thing, a lot of people do it and just wondered why haha I have always used orals to just kick start a oil cycle never mid cycle.
  8. Johndoe

    Johndoe Member

    I like my test 400 aha I get good gains from it and dunno really maybe 16 to 20 weeks ish depends how long my oil lasts.
    These 10 week test cycles I think are bloody pointless because your pinning just for 4 ish weeks of it doing any thing.
  9. Big_paul

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    That's a lot of dbol. Do that long enough, and it will catch up to you.

    I will agree that the almost instant gratification is tempting, but test suspension will do the same without hammering your liver
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  10. skofan

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    i wouldnt do a mid cycle oral blast, i think its too soon, and not giving your liver time to recover. but assuming you are going to be on cycle for 10 weeks with long esters (test 400 smells a lot of long esters), i think you could do 3 weeks of kickstart at the beginning, then 7 weeks off, and finish with another oral blast for 3-4 weeks, while waiting for the long esters to clear.
    thats a total of 6/7 weeks on orals, split out over 13/14 weeks. its still a lot, but i think it should probably be enough time to recover somewhat in between. dont hold me responsible for your actions if you choose to do it though, i dont have the science to back up my opinion on this.
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  11. Johndoe

    Johndoe Member

    Hmm yer sounds good or might use a little test suspension eq for a gym pick me up aha.
  12. viking23

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    You said you're about to finish the 4th week of dbol right? So how long you plan on running test? Another 12 weeks? Are you trt/hrt, or do you pct after cycle?
  13. Johndoe

    Johndoe Member

    Depends on my oil but yer at least another 12 weeks going to cruise buddy pct just makes me feal like shite.
  14. viking23

    viking23 Member

    Word then if you're going to cruise just use the dbol at the end of the cycle. In like 8-9 weeks. That way you will give your liver a nice break and then add the dbol at the very end of the blast. I say play it safe with the orals and give your body as much of a rest as possible. Should look into adding some short ester oils for your next blast.
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  15. Johndoe

    Johndoe Member

    The test 400 has some prop in it so pin twice a week with it but yer defo thinking about adding something a little different next time round. :)