4 year cruise and pct log

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    I been cruising on 4 years of test e and I really need to come off because of life situations and I will be posting bloods and using @pharmacist for pct products and I will trying this pct from @ApeShitFuckJacked on the comprehensive guide to pct thread Which looks like:

    hcg 2000iu E3D for 14 days before pct start date

    PCT start

    1-35 clomiphene 50mg morning and night
    1-45 tamoxifen 20mg morning and night

    1-45 low dose of exemestane 12.5mg E3D(Optional)

    For the “exemestane” I’d like to use arimidex but I don’t know how to calculate the dosage so if I could get help that’d be a real help.

    I’m not sure if I will need to extend anything in this pct but any insight from experienced members, who may be on TRT or even been on for this long or know if pros (which I’m not a pro) were able to recover that you were maybe close friends with.

    I seen a endocrinologist and they said my test levels in their time frame they gave me as a estimate said, it can take 6 months to a year for my test levels to come back, idk how true this is but I know I’m going to have to stick it out but I am scared about testosterone withdrawal symptoms, that’s why the doctors also want me to see a psychiatrist to see if I’ll need medication to help with anxiety & depression symptoms because there was a week I skipped my dose and cut down by half on Monday to titrate but during that week, my chest felt like it was beating super fast & I went to the hospital, and they did a lot of blood work and tests and said everything seemed fine and I was having an anxiety attack an I also had a lot of emotional sides as well.

    but now I’m trying to cruise under 100mg an get close to 50mg and as of right now I feel ok cause I’m still cruising at a lower dose from what I was doing and I plan on actually trying to be off completely if that can be possible.

    if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate I just really need the help of the MESO community and the knowledgeable members, please I just really need help..
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    @Dr JIM I will be getting bloods I promise & are you saying get bloods done several weeks later “after” pct? Or “discontinue” testosterone and wait several weeks to get bloods drawn?.

    Why wait 7 weeks? If I may ask
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    He didn't say wait 7 weeks, he said wait several. If you are on a cruise, ~200mg a week, you aren't going to need very long before you're ready for SERMs.

    You need to do Scally's PCT. Which is pretty close to what you've outlined, except for the exemestane... Which I wouldn't recommend at all.

    Why are you tapering down like that? ? > 100 > 50 > 0
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    thank you man I appreciate you all & about the 110 > 50 > 0 thing was something the endocrinologist recommended to help me taper down then come off completely.

    And I’m taperin down because my dose was higher then an actual trt dose.

    and if I may ask, is 2000iu if hcg too much?
    An should I run this pct longer?, I’m just trying to figure out what best can help with recovery an when I should start to run everything
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    also I’m 26yo and started in 2014 and im Just wondering is recovery possible for me
  6. Dr JIM

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    OP if you have been running AAS
    for FOUR YEARS, labs are critical
    to KNOW and reach your TT baseline, bc that’s when HTPA agonists such as SERMS and AIs
    tend to be most effective.

    How effective? That varies greatly between individuals and is WHY
    labs must be repeated after pct is started.

    You really need to read a lot more and become more familiar with PCT.
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    Yes sir I will read more because I’m always learning and I value ur response and everyone else’s, I will get blood work frequently and post it on here consistently
    & if I may receive all of your guys help while I’m going through this, it would mean the world to me <3 no homo but I’m being serious.

    I’m most scared about the withdrawal side effects tbh with you all.
  8. Eman

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    It's not possible to know that with the given information.

    2000iu is probably okay, maybe a little bit high but you did cruise for a long time.

    Run it e3d for 15 days, pull bloods to check response, if okay, begin nolva then clomid per Scally's pct protocol recommendation.
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    Ok so just so I have everything clear, when I’m running the hcg, if I started on a Monday, how far into hcg treatment should I draw blood?, I’ll get full comprehensive blood work including LH & FSH.

    And if I may ask how long after taking testosterone (at 100mg) should I start hcg?, 1 week or two weeks? I pin every Monday
  10. Eman

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    I said 15 days above but I misspoke, pull bloods at 15 days, run HCG for 21 with a one week overlap with nolva. Then insert clomid.
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    What ester? This is where bloods would be helpful like Jim said.

    Graph it out on steroidcalc to get something of an idea... I have no idea what the length of time is needed at 100mg a week of any ester
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    @Eman so the ester im running is test-E and for the hcg overlap what does that mean?
    And is there a steroid calculator that you personally like to use?
  13. Eman

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    Day 1-21: 2000iu hcg E3D
    Day 15: pull bloods. If good, then do:
    Day 15-45: 20mg nolva
    Day 15-45: 50mg clomid x2

    Bolded days are where the overlap occurs.


    My guess would be around 14 days after last pin, begin hcg.
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    How would I know if I’m good?

    I did read some things saying hcg and serms shouldn’t be ran together?, if I may ask would you happen to know why an have you heard this before too?.

    & I’ve read other people asking for pct advice after being on years and some people said to extend their pct and shouldn’t even call it a pct because of being on so long and people say trt is prolly the only option and I hope that’s not the case, do you think the clomid & nolvadex should be extended? Will that be beneficial?
  15. Dr JIM

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    I suspect that’s why your docs suggested you follow up with a MHW.
  16. Eman

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    You shouldn't run them together typically... But, this protocol takes half life of the SERMs into account.

    I told you the best way I know to help you dude, take it and run with it or figure out another way.
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    Eman please don’t get anything mixed up, I value ur help :), I just want to pick your brain and learn in depth in everything youre talking about an others and talk for support.
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    I don’t understand what MHW means & look I just wanna be honest and trying to be cool with everyone
  19. Dr JIM

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    Mental Health Worker may be of some assistance overcoming your
    anxiety with respect to pct and/or “low TT” levels fella.
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    I absolutely agree the OP wants
    to be spoon fed rather than become educated by READING.