4 year old vial good?

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    Found some eq practically full. Top pierced maybe once or twice. Stored in my drawer but it was on floor when I found it not sure how it got there. Side says 120814 not sure if batch date or exp date. Last time I used eq was at least 3 years ago. Safe to use you think or no?
  2. Maybe provide a picture, ya think?
  3. glutesforthesloots

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    Is that allowed on the site?
  4. glutesforthesloots

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  5. STOP!

    Steroids that have expired turn in to poison due to the uncoupling of hexathermogens that protect the hormone, and the bacteria causing breakdown of phospamethylate at the 47th position in the carbon chain.

    Got that? Good. Now forget it. :D:p

    Your EQ is probably fine, but if you have doubts, filter it into a new sterile vial for peace of mind.
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    Might not be as potent but should still work
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    As long as it was stored properly (cool/dry/no sunlight) you are fine. Given the top is pierced you could refilter just to be sure. This stuff really doesn't degrade significantly with time unless poor storage or many years (even 10 I wouldn't sweat).
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    It’s no doubt bad. But you’re in luck, I have a friend that is independently wealthy so he does anabolic steroid restoration as a charitable way of giving time back to the community. Let me know and I’ll give you my friends address so you can take advantage of this service. He’ll restore it and send it back to you. His special patented processes take a little while though so you might have to wait.

    That same offer goes for anyone btw.
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    I would use it, most expiration dates on pharmaceuticals is for the potency of the drug. Not sure if AAS would lose potency but I’ve used 2 year old cyp no problem
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