400 mg Tren vs. 600 mg EQ

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Data1000, Jun 19, 2006.

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    Data1000 Junior Member

    After several cycles of Test (700 mg/wk) and EQ (600 mg/wk), I am going to try a Test E and tren E cycle. Experienced Tren users, does 400 mg/wk of Tren provide as much strength as 600 mg/wk of EQ? I am also considering 400 mg of EQ AND 400 mg of Tren.

    I have had four previous cycles. I am 37 years old, 6'4" and weigh 232 lbs with about 10% body fat.

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    Bigkarch Member

    test and tren is sufficient...and yes, 400 mg of tren is good to go, especially at your fifth or so cycle
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    Data1000 Junior Member

    Thank BigKarch.

    After my first injection yesterday evening of 300 mg of tren E, I was surprised that I had insomnia during the night and when I could sleep a little, my dreams were angry. I was surprised because I didn't expect any symptoms for a couple of weeks. Is it normal for insomnia from Tren E to begin so soon?
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    ryan400 Junior Member

    Personally for me there is no comparison between the stregth gains that you get from tren when compared to EQ. Tren is by far the stronger of the two mg for mg.
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    swelty Junior Member

    i would use some melatonin for sleep aid. i personally didnt have any insomnia for a couple of weeks after first inj. but then again i can sleep a good 12 hours normally with no problems.
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    Data1000 Junior Member

    Mg for mg, Tren is stronger. However, would you expect more strength gains from 400 mg of Tren or 600 mg of EQ?
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    Data1000 Junior Member

    I have melatonin (tablets) and some other sleep aids on hand. I just didn't expect to need them already on the first day.
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    IdolOfArnies Junior Member

    tren all the way. By the way if you are having bad dreams when sleeping..go get a few photos of Anna Benson (FHM mag had a gread spread on her) and just look at those luscious 42DD's. Got Milk?

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    Deacon Member

    you shouldnt even have to aks this question - tren e vs EQ - there isnt even a slight comparison
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    beezil Member

    I just finished a Andropen 550/wk and tren E 200/wk. This was my second cycle; the first consisted of Test only. This cycle definately worked great... however, the anger and rage, that Tren causes, made me not want to leave my office or home. However, this will subside within 2 weeks.

    The great libido and stamina definately make up for the rage.

    I would reccommend starting at a lower dose and then increasing. Tren is very strong. I absolutely love it!!
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    jboldman Junior Member

    that is like comparing a triple shot of vodka to a glass of cool aide. if you want to sleep at night dont shoot 300mg of tren e!


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