46 and in great shape. however....

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  1. slowandold

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    Was diagnosed with super low t 6 months ago.
    Hi all! My doc is an idiot and I've learned more in reading your posts than he ever knows!
    So, I have been training for most of my life but recently noticed smaller gains. Im currently 12% bf and train 5 days a week. Mostly strength but I also run track. Last summer I was probably the strongest I've ever been.
    I've been using a 2% tgel for 5 months but its just not doing it for me anymore, so I'm thinking of a first t cyp cycle. Latest bloods show same levels as pre gel.
    My diet is great and I supp well.
    I'm thinking an 8 week test cyp
    eek 1 to 8: T cyp 125 ew
    - Week 1 to 8: h C G 250 iu every 3.5 days
    - Week 1 to 10: ai 0.25mg every other day
    then pct.
    Then I go on holiday and will start 2nd cycle after 4 weeks.
    Can use gel on holiday so maybe PCT not necessary?
  2. Superjet68

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    I am 46 as well, and I am on TRT from my endocrinologist. He has me taking 175mg every other week. I check bloods 8 days after injection and my levels are around 700. November I started my first Blast cycle. It was amazing. I was pinning 400/week and towards the end was pinning 500/week. I was taking adex .025 every third day. Gains were amazing. If you are on TRT there is no pct. You just go back to where you were before your cycle. Good luck
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  3. Voltrader

    Voltrader Member

    Welcome and you are correct just go back. I still follow the time on/time off rule though.
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  4. slowandold

    slowandold Junior Member

    Thanks. Can you explain time off on for my cycle? Should I buy pct in case I need i as backup? Is my ai dose correct?
    Love this forum.
  5. Voltrader

    Voltrader Member

    Are you planning on staying on TRT. What you are proposing above looks like TRT not a cycle.
  6. slowandold

    slowandold Junior Member

    I was thinking of starting an easy test only cycle, to bulk
    hence the cyp. I wont be using the tgel during cycle.
  7. Voltrader

    Voltrader Member

    I run around 180mg ew for TRT to reach Test levels that are just above the middle of the normal range. If you run 125mg ew this will not put you outside the normal range so in effect you will be doing TRT. Follow me.
  8. slowandold

    slowandold Junior Member

    Do I start at 180 or ramp up? Thanks by the way.
  9. Voltrader

    Voltrader Member

    What level is your blood on the Gel? lets start there.
  10. slowandold

    slowandold Junior Member

    My stats from last week:
    total estrogens8.9 micrograms
  11. Voltrader

    Voltrader Member

    Total testosterone number in there somewhere? Do test read different overseas anyone?
  12. Voltrader

    Voltrader Member

    OP i got to run but PM me. I will try to help you out, I think you are bit confused on what you want to do or just a little crossed up. This is your introduction thread and welcome to MESO, If you like you can start a thread in the Steroid Forum and might get a few more looks there and opinions from others and you are welcome to PM me.
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  13. Big Mike

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    Welcome brother! Does your total test read 86?

    Usually TRT does range from 150-200mg of Test a week (some will differ depending on other circumstances). Is the T Gel all your taking for TRT?

    Big Mike
  14. CeymoreButtz

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    Welcome to Meso!
    46 is certainly not old, well I keep telling myself that... I'm 49. You are on the right track with the Test Cyp cycle and just follow Voltrader's advice and you will be fine. There are a lot of TRT guys on here and a great deal of info to soak up.. Good luck!

  15. slowandold

    slowandold Junior Member

    Voltrader, can you advise on a cycle?
  16. slowandold

    slowandold Junior Member

    On Monday I'll start my cycle. I'm going for 175mg of test cyp and aromasin. I'm going for 8 weeks, then holiday for a week, so I'll have pct doing t gel for 2 weeks, them back on maybe with var.
  17. Where are you located? (Country)
    It appears youre using the nmol/dL (UK/Canadaian units of measure) where most members here are used to the American units of measure, ng/dL. Anyway, not a problem to convert one way or the other, just making an observation.

    Moving forward;

    175mg of test cyp is not a cycle - this should be doubled at the very min.
    8 weeks is too short, imho, for a long ester like cypionate.
    Time on and time off is the time you ran your cycle (number of weeks?) equals the time you should remain off cycle and return to your TRT protocol before beginning another.
    Include an AI (aromatase inhibitor) to manage your estrogen levels.
    Include hcg if preventing testicular atrophy is important to you.
    pct is not required if returning to TRT.
    Run a standard cycle and keep it simple.

    Standard cycle;

    Wk 1-12 testosterone Cypionate = 200mg twice/wk e3.5d
    Wk 1-14.5 arimidex .25mg EOD – monitor and adjust accordingly.
    Wk 3- 14.5 hCG = 250iu twice/wk

    Begins wk 15 to wk 18

    clomid 75/50/50/50
    nolva 40/20/20/20

    NOTE: some AAS users choose to drop their AI and hCG during the period the ester clears. either way is acceptable, but if given the choice i would run my AI and hCG up to a few days before i begin recovery.
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  18. slowandold

    slowandold Junior Member

    This is great and I'm grateful for explaining the cycle so thoroughly.
  19. Boilermech

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    Welcome to Meso brother
  20. Burrr

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    You need to decide if you are going to use androgel again after a cycle.
    There is no since in running a pct if you plan to jump back on the androgel
    Find out what the conversion of your Test blood result is in 'merican metric. ng/dl