5.5+ years blast and cruise pct log

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    So finally I'm making a thread on here too.

    Since I was 20 I'm blasting and cruising.
    After 3.5 years, I decided to go off to check for fertility, theres an old existing thread here:

    3.5 years Steroids recovery log

    Well, I guess I fired the trigger too soon again, basically it was a 10 week off period, wheres first 2 weeks was testosterone clearance, then 6 weeks of serms, then 2 weeks of nothing -> bloodtest showed lh and fsh in lower range back then.
    Around a week later after this threads last post I went on cycle again and have stayed since.

    Not sure if now I'm having a 2 year, or 5.5 year total recovery but I guess those 10 weeks inbetween didnt do much for recovery, so lets call it 5.5 years.

    On my blasts ive been mainly doing tren, I did deca once too, and my last blast of eq and test, which ended in february.
    Since then Ive been tapering down my test enanthate only dose, to currently 150mg.
    End of february down to 250, 3 weeks later down to 180, 4 weeks later 150mg, for 2 weeks i stay at this dose now.
    Also, since 2 weeks I have added in hcg at 500ius on monday, wednesday and friday.
    Testosterone shots are on monday and fridays, 75mg each (enanthate).

    Im awaiting 10000iu hcg this week and would need some proper guidance.

    I thought of doing the same protocol as I did in aboves 3.5 years thread, which was I think 20days of hcg at 2000 iu eod.

    Although, in former thread, I did the hcg injections for 10 days ALONGSIDE my last testosterone shots, then after last test shot, rest of those 20 days hcg eod (so 10 days only hcg shots), which I was advised, was WRONG because I shouldve kept the hcg along the test shots and stop the hcg when I stop the testosterone too.
    I have 300mg of test propionate left, which Im gonna use for the last 2 weeks instead of the current enanthate ester until my last test shots, so it clears out of blood even quicker.

    My thought was following:
    This week, continue the wednesday/friday hcg shot and 1 more injection of 75mg test enanth.
    Next week, I will do ed or eod injections of test prop for a total of 150mg per week, alongside 15 days of 1500iu hcg eod.

    Then I have a 2 week clearance period, and then I start my serms at
    clomid, 50mg for 4 weeks
    nolva, 20mg for 6 weeks

    Nolva and Clomid i have a around 3-4 week supply from pharmacist, and then also supply from Alpha Pharma, back then when they used to be legit.

    So Im safe on the serms.
    Hcg passed the pregnancy test, this weeks hcg shall pass too as its same brand (shree venkatesh), except its this years batch so Im gonna see.
    If it fails, I get legit hcg again in 2 weeks, and can drag current protocol out to 500iu for the next 2 weeks, but I guess its g2g when it arrives tomorrow or thursday.

    Anything I should do different with my pct protocol?
    Should I cruise longer and do hcg longer?

    Im in no hurry to get off basically, so I could do hcg therapy longer if needed, but I want it to be over with, and would do said approach if its enough.
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    That kind of went without saying...

    Drop the test. Run the hcg for 20 days then begin the SERMs.

    Crazy idea: don't start a cycle after a few weeks of being off. Judging from the amount of ED threads you generate on this forum, I'd leave the gear alone.

    Good luck.
  3. nervje

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    Yes i dont intend to start it another time..
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    Good luck! I was on TRT for a year when I was 34. We decided to have kids so I just quit.. really it was no big deal.

    At 40 I'm back on again now but I was a perfectly functional human off.
  5. nervje

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    Serms routine is ok as said?
    Hcg it doesnt matter if its during testosterone washout?
    Last time people advised me to do it before stop of t-injections...how comes ?
  6. nervje

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    Its a crazy mindfuck for me, idk why.
    And well, 5 years on higher dosages than trt do make a big difference i guess
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  7. If it were me I’d do the high dose hcg without the the testosterone, if you choose to taper the T you can do regular doses of hCG but I’d discontinue the T now. Only reason I say this is I feel hCG is more effective with less or no exogenous T. This is mostly my personal experience tho.
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  8. OldSmice

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    I have very high SHBG (>100 on some tests) which likely contributes to less up's and downs. Also gives me a very high total T and very low free T number.
  9. Eman

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    Again, start hcg like I said... I'm not repeating myself. I've posted scallys pct protocol enough times to understand why he ignores half the tags he gets on the forum... Search my post history with PCT as a search parameter.
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    I see, I even thought of riding the test out longer/tapering it off longer with current hcg procotol, because i was being on for so long, and then finish it with the high dosed hcg approach (hence the "no hurry"-part).

    Im crazily mindfucked.
    I wake up and think about it.
    I go to sleep and think about it.
    Being big is cool and all and it has ruled my life the past 6 years (or 10 years if u add my natural training years) and it got to my head.
    If it was the right thing to do, id ditch anything completely, and throw it in the bin.
    Fuck that shit, I just want to be worry-free again.

    I dont want to worry about every recovering, I dont want to worry about my orders regularly coming in.
    I dont want to compare myself to other dudes anymore hoping im bigger and better looking than them.
    Its what I was doing almost the last half of my 25 year long life.
    It made me mentally dependant obviously, currently I have panic attacks.
    Emotional high and lows, I come home and break out into tears, because Im afraid, its stressing me out. I dont want to research shit anymore.
    Im done with it man.

    Of course, its what I called upon myself, but it was my "runaway"-thing.
    Life hasnt always been fair to me in every aspect possible and well, gear was always there and no matter what, as long as I was big, i was feeling good, and self prescribed TRT for life was already accepted.
    No money on the side but a stash full of steroids so I have at least half a year to year full of cycles to make me look better than everyone else, and im good I thought.
    Its a crazy downward spiral, once you let it get into your head too much.

    And now im stressed the fuck out, my head is full tbh.
    If I depend on trt, god knows.
    I would only do TRT if an endo prescribes it if I dont recover within a year or 2, because I think if I donr recover in this timeframe, I wont get better after.
    If I dont recover, yet still feel good, I dont give a shit about trt either then.

    It sounds stupid, but I just want to be free of it. It feels like such a big relief, having my final injection and not looking back to do more of them.
    I hope to be strong enough mentally to not turn back to it when the emotional pct-sides kick in.

    I had to get this off my chest so sorry for the weird post.
    Yes, estrogen is in range.
    Im just mentally fucked right now, insanely fucked.
  11. nervje

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    Thank you!
    I hope for the best.
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  12. Freakmidd

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    Desperate times call for desperate measures.. hold strong and good luck!
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  13. You could continue to taper if you want, but I think that just delays things. I’ve heard on other forums a few guys doing the taper but idk how effective it is. Personally I’d rather stay on hCG longer than T. I may go back on hCG since I didn’t use much hCG once I went off trt, of course if my 2nd blood test shows significant improvement after upping serm dose then maybe not. I’m not in a rush, but I really wanted to ditch the roids/trt and rely on my own balls, whether it was with or without help from hCG or serms.

    I understand tho, I don’t want to depend on trt, hCG or clomid forever. Always having to make sure dr sends trt refills in time, ordering hCG or clomid. Then wondering if there’s some disaster like World War III for example wtf am I gonna do when I run out, I got a 1.5 yr supply of ugl T but still, would rather not be concerned about this crap. Plus I want to be as fertile as possible.
  14. nervje

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    Thanks my friend.
    Ive been way too wreckless.

    Not only gearwise, but every other aspect.
    I didnt treat my body the way i should have.

    I overdid aas, i overtrained and didnt let myself recover properly.
  15. nervje

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    Hah, I have some tren a/e, Anadrol, dbol, and Anavar stocked up because i wanted to blast off again this month.
    And legit ugl test for few months to be on the save side and not run out.
    But I dont want it anymore, I cant imagine having to constantly check if I still got enough shit or reorder or whatever the next 40..50..whatever years.

    Im only 25, so I hope I got to realization before its too late
  16. lol I bought all that crap last year, besides 1/2 a vial of Tren, Deca that I never touched it’s all various forms of T. Don’t really want them. I’m still picking up my trt prescription lol, I got 2.5 vials but they only give 1ml vials. My dr didn’t even suspect I discontinued trt from my numbers last week, a dr with more trt knowledge would have suspected something tho.

    No plans to touch roids for a long time unless my balls are absolutely dead. I’m not really concerned with having high levels, just how I feel. Gonna get check T/LH/FSH thurs or fri, it’ll only be a week since my last test but hoping it’s moved in the right direction even if it’s slight since I upped clomid/tamoxifen.
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    Ive talked to a few german guys (as im german obv) and they swear by nolva only pct.

    Reason, they state clomid is "old fashioned" and its side effects by far outweight its benefits, and recovery is better on nolva only.

    Anyone can confirm this?

    I mean i know from back then i felt like shit on a 50mg tab of clomid a day so i agree on the sides thing, but am unsure..is there some truth to their statement?
  18. Eman

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    I actually suspected you were German from the way you structured some of your sentences.

    Ask your German friends to provide you with a study. Any study that supports what they're saying... Nolva doesn't, or at least didn't, have nearly the amount of research behind it as clomid does. Further, I'll take Dr. Scally's advice on this topic long before I'd even take another doctor's advice.... Much less some gym friends.

    Here is Scally's most recent protocol:

    You can read the thread I quoted my post from... In a nutshell, on day 15, you would pull bloods to check response to HCG. If all looks good, then continue on to the serms and overlap the last 6 days of HCG.

    I didn't mention the bloods before because I didn't think you could get blood work over there.

    Take a month of PTO from the infinite amount you get over there and go on a PCT wellness retreat. Sauna, clomid and könig... :)
  19. nervje

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    Bloods are good on day 15 if there is a number on fsh/lh right?

    Currently i guess theyre 0 obviously, except the 500iu 3x a week i currently have been doing are working already.

    If bloods on day 15 are positive, does it show me already that i dont have secondary/primary hypogonadism?
  20. Eman

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    No, your LH will be zero on day 15.

    hcg mimics LH, which is why we take it to stimulate a response as if the body is stimulating LH. When taking AAS, LH production stops. When taking HCG, LH production stops or slows down. You take the HCG to eliminate atrophy and get a response from the testes for testosterone production then move into the SERMs to stimulate LH production.

    There's no reason to believe you are hypogonadal or that blood work in the first stage of pct is really going to answer that question.

    You don't have to pull the bloods. Matter of fact, I'd just as soon recommend you don't because you're going to get yourself worked up for probably no reason.

    Just follow the protocol and focus on being healthy. Eat well, exercise, get plenty of sleep, etc.
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