5 weeks in progress pics of my first cycle! Please critique my everything.

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by valuum, Oct 27, 2018.

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    Short intro. I'm 28 years old and just got out of a parole violator camp about 4 months ago. In the beginning of this year I was basically homeless and addicted to heroin and crack. I got locked up on a PV in a facility with weights but shitty food of course. I put back on all my muscle but tons of fat too! I didn't want to lose any of it though so when I got out I started doing cardio, lifting, and eating pretty good.

    The jump in nutrition seemed to let me recomp... a little. I trimmed up a tiny bit but still had a ton of fat. The "before" picture is during this phase.

    I'm currently 5 weeks into my first cycle. The back picture is 4 weeks in, the front 5 weeks.
    I'm running
    Week 1-10 Test E 500mg
    week 6 - 12 Anavar 50mg
    week 11-12 test p 400mg or whatever the equiv is
    1mg adex per week split up into 3 doses. I feel no symptoms of fucked up E.

    Here is my diet log for today
    CALORIES 2250
    FAT 58
    CARBS 135
    PROTEIN 215

    Ate mainly egg whites, tuna, veggies, natural PB, a bit of whey, and some oats.

    I did a pull day in the gym. Back, Bicep, and some abs at the end.
    I did my cardio later in the day, 30 minutes split between power walking at a steep incline and normal running

    I'm finally starting to like my look. Before I looked... ok in a t shirt. God I didn't realize how fat I was.

    The first 5 weeks I seemed to put on muscle and lose fat, the last 7 weeks though I'm going for fat loss with minimal muscle loss. I'm considering running t3 or clen too, any opinions? Input on anything would be appreciated.

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  2. Dropped quite a bit of fat it looks like. You're on the right track, brother.
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    Push ups. Pulls ups. Ramen and trading bread for milks. I don't miss it but I've been there.

    Definitely on the right track. Its a marathon not a sprint though. I wouldn't add any t3 or clen seeing your still high enough bodyfat that it shouldn't be that hard to lose. I'd suggest am fasted cardio and carb cycling. You'll be surprised how much bigger you look all cut up.
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    You should have gotten leaner before starting this cycle. Anabolics weren't the answer to makeshifting a physique. No matter how hard you cycled it wasn't gonna get you to grow and get peeled. You don't know how this works. You don't even look like you lift. You look the same as my fat friends who sit on the couch and smoke weed.
  5. Bullshit. Look at the middle pic. He's got lats peeking out of the arm holes of that shirt.
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    He does have a point. I knew I hadn't achieved my total naturally limit (does anybody?).

    I don't know if it is hormone levels (I abused heroin since 16) but keeping muscle while dieting is extremely hard for me, even with dieting on point. My training doesn't change much for weight loss except I add (more) cardio and try to make the cardio more intense. I don't drop reps or anything.

    After I work out I'm going to post a picture of me when I got very cut up after another bit. I look like one of those teenage kids that takes a shirtless mirror pic and thinks he's jacked because he has a definition on his tiny muscles.

    Granted I know doing that, followed by clean bulk, followed by AAS would have been ideal... but I can't stand losing too much muscle mass. I think most people can relate.

    I appreciate the criticism though, I have done plenty of AAS research for years now though.

    I've really pushed it to 100% though with logging everything I eat and totally cutting out non prepped foods.

    I'd like to maybe try an actual program. As most people on here know I'm on GPS tether so I can't leave the house much, I go to the gym 6 days a week (would go 7) and like to spend at least 2 hours in there. I'm not one of those social butterfly guys either, it's just bar none the most enjoyable part of my day. Also even though I don't socialize there something to being around people vs being alone.
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    you've absolutely made good progress. The before and after pics clearly show gains. Just keep it up. Consistency is key in this game.
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    Great progress so keep pushing forward...and fuck the haters lol.
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    IMG_2198.PNG IMG_2200.jpg Me in active addiction, skinny as fuck thinking I looked good, haha. And me last night.
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    Good progress. I'de probably not cut this cycle but that's just me. Add another 10lbs of muscle and the fat will just naturally melt off due to a higher metabolic rate. Your eating healthy, you can tell from the pics so I think you will recomp naturally without doing a full on cut.
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    Benefit of doing drugs is a killer 6 pack :D
    Doing good bro keep truckin
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    47115CE7-E36B-4230-BEA8-4C9F6791E855.jpeg More progress! Really think I found my sweet spot of 2000-2200 calories a day with a 40/40/20 split focusing the carbs around work outs. I’m keep floating around the same 5 pound range then I’ll finally drop, but my lifts are going up and major areas (pecs, Lats, legs) are growing. Keep in mind I used to be super fat so I have kinda loose skin, not like a pregnant broad, but still noticeable
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