5 weeks into PCT and not seeing much recovery

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    So about 8 weeks ago I took my last shot of sustanon. I was on cycle for a total of 7 months looked like the following; (roughly)

    Weeks 1-5 Sustanon 600mg per week
    Weeks 6-7 Sustanon 600mg and tren A 300mg eod
    Weeks 8-13 Test P 420mg eod Tren A 420mg eod
    Weeks 14-15 Test P 420mg and Test E 500mg per week
    Weeks 16-21 Test E 500mg and Anavar 80mg per day
    Weeks 22-23 off everything
    Weeks 24-28 Sustanon 500mg per week

    pct (6 weeks) started 3 weeks after last shot

    Weeks 1-2: tamoxifen 40mg daily, 3g DAA
    Weeks 3-5: Tamoxifen 20mg daily, Blackstone labs PCT V 2 capsules per day, clomid introduced 200mg on first day then 100mg for 3 days then 50mg until end of PCT
    Week 6: 10mg Tamoxifen, 50mg clomid, PCT V, Ginko Bilboa

    Currently on week 5 of PCT and my libido is not good, my balls are also still quite small the only thing I've noticed is that they have dropped down abit more now. Any ideas how long it'll take for reversal of atrophy and when will my libido improve ?? I didn't use hcg during cycle or before PCT. If upon completion of PCT my balls are still small should HCG be tried followed by mini PCT?
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    Between a newbie to a newbie: you have been cycling for for 28!weeks and you want to recover quickly? Lol
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    I know just not used to the low libido can just about do it once per day used to be 4 or 5 times a day lol
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    For starters, you began your pct too early. If you're running those doses for test e for a 12 week run with test e you still want to wait 4 weeks minimum to start post cycle. Sustanon I believe you have to wait even longer due to the longer ester. You can actually do more harm to your HPTA if you start a post cycle early while your test levels are still declining to base line.

    So you should have started your pct 5-6 weeks after your last shot. If you do the math, you should technically be in your first or second week of pct right now. But you started early.

    I would suggest extending your post cycle with both nolva and clomid to be safe. If 6 weeks of pct doesn't work blast some hcg and run another pct.
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  5. Erin

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    Generally agree. I haven't modeled the elimination of Sustanon 500mg/w, but I would expect 6 weeks is about right.
    I'm not a big proponent of starting HCG after starting PCT since it will be further suppressive to the HP-axis. In this case, HCG is used after a diagnosis of secondary hypogonadism.

    Also, as noted above, you were injecting for 28 weeks PLUS washout 6 weeks, so closer to 34 weeks total on cycle...
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  6. Pequipoise

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    I agree that HCG can be suppressive but it does depend upon dose surely. If someone takes say 2000iu twice a week they are likely to get HPTA suppression due to higher level of estrogen compared to someone only using 500iu twice a week with minimal suppression?

    Would it be wise for me to even try some HCG a couple of weeks after PCT to reverse the atrophy?
  7. Devil3

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    If he is experiencing testicular atrophy to a high degree and clomid isn't helping, what would you suggest? You're left with HCG and time basically.

    What the OP is experiencing is technically a normal shutdown for somebody who's been on for so long. If you havn't experienced the "crash" yet you most certainly will soon.
  8. Pequipoise

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    When you say crash I've already started experiencing it in the form of decreased weight, strength and libido and occasionally feeling agitated
  9. Devil3

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    Is this your first cycle? That's the vibe I'm getting. It's not a bad thing. You need to know what to expect. That would be part of a crash yes. You lose your motivation, sluggish, lethargic, irritable, you lose size, and a bit of strength.

    This is the part that separates the men from the boys. You need to keep lifting keep eating and keep your head up during this time as this is the most crucial part of maintaining gains. Push through it.
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    Good info here and why all those compounds? That seems to cause enough confusion as to when to plan pct. I myself just took my last shot Friday after a 10 week run of 500mg test e. From what I been told about 4 weeks after last pin I can start pct.

    28 weeks is a real long time to be on a cycle :eek:
  11. Pequipoise

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    No actually this is my 2nd cycle (blast) my first cycle I only used test compounds and threw in some EQ, that recovery was pretty quick balls got full again in a matter of weeks
  12. Pequipoise

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    I don't think you can truely reap the benefits being on a short cycle (sub 12 weeks) When you take into consideration that for most long acting compounds it takes a good 4-6 weeks to notice results so I'd always run longer cycles and constantly switch up esters and drugs to prevent body from growing tolerant to the compounds (receptor saturation)
  13. MindlessWork

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    Yes true but had to cut mine short due to health issues and been running E.
  14. Test_Subject

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    You ran a seven month cycle and started pct right away after taking sustanon...

    You're seriously surprised that you haven't recovered?
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  15. Pequipoise

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    If you could calculate (8-5=3) I started PCT 3 weeks after last sustanon shot in other words 1 full half life
  16. Riz

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    In addition to what everyone is telling you, perhaps you may want to get some blood work done to see where your levels are at. You were blasting high amounts of test and mixing it with various compounds over a 7 month period. Don't expect a quick and easy recovery.

    Read through the thread I attached below, you will clearly see that you didn't give yourself enough time to let the esters clear your system.

    Comprehensive Guide to PCT

    Good luck.
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  17. LOL!!! 7 month cycle and expect to recovered within 5 weeks..Now that's funny ass shiet right dere!!!! Btw, enjoy the low libido, strength decrease, and bipolar personality (crying in the corner because you burnt that last bread, then smashing the toaster..)

    What you expect.. the gain and fuck train will go on forever even thru PCT... LOL!!!!
  18. Erin

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    I don't think you'll find either of these points to be supported in the literature. T will go supra-physiological with the first injection (see attached article on TestP). If this is a major concern, injections can be front-loaded at the beginning of a cycle to achieve stead-state T within the first week.
    Also, I'm not aware of any published research on "receptor saturation". The landmark studies on supra-physiological AAS ran 20 weeks of one compound.
  19. Erin

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    At 500/w Sust, you were probably injecting 2/week. So 2.5 weeks at most.
  20. Erin

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    Clomid and time: SERMs have been found to successfully treat hypogonadism when taken for 3-6 months.
    HCG is used on cycle to reduce primary hypogonadism. It's suppressive when used off cycle, thereby increasing secondary hypogonadism.