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  1. Eyeonly

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    Been reading and doing research for awhile now but just recently joined the forum. I have seen many different cycles just like mine with minor changes.
    All gear will come from one lab/supplier. No time line on a star date just want to make sure I have everything I will need and have as much information I can gather.
    Any new information, suggestions, experience or advice will be greatly appreciated.

    10 wk cycle with 2 wk break and 4 wk pct

    Week 1 - 10
    Pharmatest E 500.. 250 mg 2 x wk
    hcg..... 250iu 2 x wk

    Week 11 - 12
    Pre pct

    Week 13 - 14
    Toremifene 40mg a day

    Week 15 - 16
    Toremifene 20mg a day

    Draw with 21 g 1.5
    Shoot with 23g 1.25

    exemestane on hand incase of estrogen side effect

    Blood work plan is one before cycle and one at 6 weeks.
  2. Spokeonawheel

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    This plan looks good. Getting bloodwork is the responsible thing to do and you really only get one chance before you ever cycle.

    Your nutrition is going to be more important than the gear so make sure you are on top of that as well.

    I dont know your height or weight or general BF% but lower is better. High BF can cause increased estro problems. But at 500 mg/week most likely u will not have side effect issues.

    Good Luck and enjoy.
  3. Looks good nice start with the test 500 is the basic nothing high keep us posted.
  4. Test_Subject

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    I wouldn't use high concentration gear for your first cycle if I were you.

    Also, toremifene isn't as effective as either nolvadex or clomid for pct. It will be fine for your cycle most likely, but I'd look into getting some nolva.
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  5. Eyeonly

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    So maybe drop down to 300 a wk.
    I want to stick with one source that's why I'm going with tore instead of nolva.
    But to be safe I can go with tore and clomid for a pct.
  6. Test_Subject

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    No no, your dosage is fine. Using 500mg/ml gear isn't. It's going to cripple you for your first run.
  7. Eyeonly

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    ok. sounds good
  8. eje1990

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    If your said source doesn't carry pharmaceutical grade pct meds you might want to reconsider sticking with one source.
  9. Eyeonly

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    im starting to think that. now I need to start researching other credible sources
  10. eje1990

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    I don't care what anyone says about me saying this. Lol. But @pharmacist is the go-to guy for pharm grade meds imo. Spoon-fed as hell. Whatever. Lol. He doesn't sell AAS (unless that changed).

    I would never suggest where to buy gear. But if someone wants to talk shit about me suggesting pharmacist so be it. Pharm grade for ancillaries and pct is important. Check his thread out and make the decision for yourself. It's hard to find an issue or anything negative. Only reason I'm suggesting him is cause I don't wanna see anyone in a bad spot with ugl PCT.
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  11. Eyeonly

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    thanks.. I will read into it and keep updating as I go.
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