56 day recomp by the noob :)

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    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Not sure on how much I will be able to update this log, I will try my best.

    This is truly a nutrition based recomp...I follow this protocol.

    1.2-1.5 x bw protein
    .89-.98 x bw starch cabs(highly bio available) no or very little flour based products. No fruit, no added sugar. I throw in veggies when I feel like it. I keep it extremely simple. I adjust the carbs weekly and keep the protein closer to my starting weight.

    Gear; Week 1-12 100mg test prop, 100mg mast prop eod
    Week 4-10 30-50 tren ace eod( I just can't handle much)
    Week 6,8-12 Var, dosing will be as needed.
    Week 3-12 250IU hcg eod This number could change..

    Everything on hand for estro control, but I never really have problems.

    I take liver support, fish oil, multi, htp5, ginko biloba, vit d, vit c, and a zma daily.


    I train the big three lifts for power and strength, I work in the 82.5-100 percent range of max, and in the 2-4 rep range. All auxiliaries are trained more like bodybuilding. Lots of reps 10-20, drop sets, giant sets etc.

    Bench: 335lb
    Squat: 500
    Dead: 500x2, haven't went for a new PR in some time.

    Forgot to add I also train heavy seated overhead press to help aid bench.

    I'm 24 days into this recomp...pics to follow are 23 of 56

    Enjoy, flame, criticize, whatever you want.

    Liberty PicShells.jpg
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    So my typical pin is in the am, while I am still laying in bed. I get it all ready the night before and do it first thing in the morning. I've found this to be good for my schedule. I prefer the delt, If I have 3cc in the syringe, I'll do half in each delt switching needles.

    On 2/1/18 I did 100mg t prop and 100 mg m prop. I'm heading to colorado(breck) Sunday, so no tren until I get back. I don't want to be anymore short of breath.

    I will also be taking 2 syringes pre-loaded with me. Any advice on this as we will be traveling to roughly 9300 feet?

    Last nights deads went, 135x---? 225x----? 315x3 375x5 395x4 425x3, Polished off some hamstrings and the crushed upper back and traps. I use drop sets alot, like all the time on aux.

    I will continue on with diet and weights while on vacation...try to get some updates on that as well as the boarding.

    PS....the lower back pumps were crazy last night...wooooo boy.
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    Colorado was awesome, did some boarding and relaxing. Got back Thursday night and hit the gym twice Friday. Heavy squats in the am and back in the PM. Hit a PR on deads at the end of a heavy workout(unplanned) Everything is in full swing and feeling good. May be upping the test and mast a bit.

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    125mg t prop and m prop eod, 50mg tren a eod, hcg 250 x 2 per week.

    Workouts are feeling great, strength program is coming along nicely and not too quickly. Starting to get a bit agressive, a bit irritable, but it makes me feel good. I can generally keep it contained.

    finished off the working sets on squats 3x405, felt like i had 4 to 5 more in me..but I am sticking with the program and trying to come out of this with more sustainable strength gains.
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    2018-02-20 07.01.02-2.jpg Update: Started getting some water retention(knew it would happen) added in a .25 of arimidex e3d. Seems to be helping. Fat loss has slowed...growth and strength is still climbing steady. I am happy with the back width in the photo as well as my 3 big lifts progressing. I have a doc appointment today for a nagging shoulder issue....hope that goes well.
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    Well, the tren is fully kicked in. Night sweats full blown...I do it off cycle so this just makes it about twice as bad. House is kept at 59 degrees at night!!?? The sweat doesn't really bother me, the wife just mentions I start pouring sweat as soon as I fall asleep. :) The aggression is high and awesome.

    Currently the shots are as follows.. 125 T prop, 125 Mast Prop, 40mg Tren Ace EOD as well as some arimidex@ .25 250 iu hcg 2x per week. I've also added in 250 mg of T500 1 time per week ....need to get rid of it somehow ;)...Getting bloods and donating this coming week.

    Also, I got my shoulder loaded up with Cortisone 2 days ago, felt horrid yesterday and feels really good today. Hopefully have pics to update soon:D

    Anyone have any insight on the cycle? All look good? Stupid for adding in the T500??
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    Nice recomp so far brother. Glad to see an other boarder here as well. How was the powder when you went? Pretty dry year IMHO :(
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    It snowed 10 inches the day we boarded in Breck, so it was awesome. What was also nice is that it snowed 15 at Keystone that same day, so Breck wasn't nearly as busy.
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    Any updated pics? I'm doing the same thing.
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    I will update pics middle of this week. Sitting at 237 BW, little water retention after adding in more test. That's is about all that has changed. Oh, and the shoulder is feeling better.
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    Forgot I took one after legs Friday night, Back/lower back pumps are crazy right now, again this is after legs. Seems they come while training any body part, running, playing golf, etc. Still not as lean as I would like. I've got two weeks left, and I don' think I will be to where I wanted to get. Lower back fat seems to be holding on tough....
    2018-02-23 19.59.44.jpg
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    Back is defiantly looking stronger but it sort of appeared to be your strong point in your pics.
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    Yes, I didn’t post a beginning shot of my back, but it is my strong point. At least the old lady says. Even with a hurt shoulder I think my delts a growing a bit too, or maybe just the fat coming off.
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    That upper back is definitely widening and thickening... Nice work.
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    I’ll be honest boys. Deadlifts are the key, we still hit some aux upper back...but I pay my growth of upper back to deads and even heavy bench.
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    Thanks for the positive feed back as well!
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    A couple training updates...

    Two weeks back after a heavy dead lift session I pulled 515x1(PR) this week is a de-load week and I think I will attempt an actual max next week.

    My squat feels good, but it certainly isn't coming as fast as previous cycles where I was eating anything and everything I wanted. So on a stricter diet that is to be expected.

    Bench feels really good for how nasty my shoulder is..I hit 295 for a double 5 second pauses on the chest. So it is moving along nicely as well. Will have updated single rep max's coming next week.

    There is a good possibility I will enter a PL meet at the end of April...I haven't fully decided on this as the recomp has been a slight hindrance in the gaining strength quick...but maybe the slower steady strength gains will hang around with more quality...? Current 3 lift total is in the ball park of 1305-1330. 2018 will be the road to 1400...hopefully at a bw in the 220's-low 230's.
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    Hella good DL brother. Glad to see you progressing so nicely! Good luck in your PL meet.
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    *Please someone have an answer*

    The lower back pumps, even without stepping foot in the gym are getting fucking ridiculous. I've experienced this before and haven't found something to fix it. Tuarine doesn't fix it. I drink all kinds of water..The shit gets so bad you almost can't walk. Anyone help? Please?
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    Tums and bananas can also help. Also Dave Palumbo claims back pumps are caused by fluid retention. Says lowering estrogen or taking a diuretic will stop back pumps completely.