6 weeks primo ace

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by TorroXL, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. TorroXL

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    The second phase to my blast is coming up. Rn I have on deck

    Weeks 6-12

    Mast p 600 wk
    tren ace 300 wk
    Sust/test 500 wk
    Winny 150mg ed

    Question is this, would primo ace shine in 6 weeks if ran alongside the above?

    Also on a side note. I’m gaining like crazy. I also have an option to extend the bulk for another 6 weeks.

    Trest ace 600 wk
    Test prop 600 wk
    Npp or tren 600 wk
    Drol 50mg ed
  2. SauceBoss

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    Blast that shit
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  3. Capt Forest

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    I used primo ace from swole oil. That shit hurts like hell. Have you injected it yet?
  4. TorroXL

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  5. DrankSlangin

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    If you’re gaining that well, don’t stop that train! Extend your bulk for another 6 weeks, then cut.
  6. penche

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    My dude, If it’s working well I wouldn’t change a thing. If you’ve never used primo ace you’re in for a real treat if it’s legit. That shit will leave you with the worse pip ever and flu like symptoms next day. I battled with that shit about 6 different times because I’m hardheaded mule and wanted to run it. Then I tapped out/whispered uncle and got rid of it. Tread lightly with primo ace. Primo E is the way to go
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  7. Girth

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    I've yet to find anyone who hasn't said the same about the ace. I can't quote exact numbers, but I ran out of fingers and toes counting the different guys who said the exact same. Especially evident was the flu symptoms.
  8. Oldschool

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    Glad to see you around Amigo. You been doing ok?
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  9. Wunderpus

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    There would be no noticeable advantage to running it alongside tren..... Minus extra pain and wasted money.
  10. penche

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    Been doing well my friend. Hope all is well on your end. My training was slacking but I’ve disciplined myself again. Nothing a little sprinkle of tren can’t fix :)
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  11. rutman

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    So 12 weeks of orals? Rethink that one...
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  12. MCFC

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    If you're gaining like crazy as you said about I wouldn't change shit. Save the promo for just the right time.
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  13. TorroXL

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    I should have clarified it’s gonna be one or the other of those cycles.
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  14. rutman

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    Gotcha brother.... Keep things simple. You’re killing it! I think 2 compounds at a time is plenty, unless one is 10 weeks out for a show.
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