8 week prep

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  1. Trenhrd

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    currently 210 10% bodyfat, contest I want is 8 weeks away

    Planning on running

    tren A 400/wk
    Test P 400/wk
    adex.5 e3d
    Mast P 600/wk
    Last 4 weeks Anavar 80mg/day
    1 wk out drop test and use halo
    1wk out letro at 2.5mg/ day
    My coach does my macros/ diet but will not give cycle advice. Advice / recs appreciated
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  2. Evom1

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    Kind of crazy for him to not do your cycle.
    I'd use more ai than that, you want to bottom out your estrogen during prep to really dry out. Last I was doing I was on 1mg Ed of arimidex.

    You should not need Letro at 2.5mg Ed tho at the end, I've never seen it dosed daily like that.

    Cutting out test the last week seems close, but if that's what works for you go for it. I know most do 2 weeks out.
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