9 weeks out. Critique?

Discussion in 'Bodybuilding Forum' started by ForeverSmall, Feb 25, 2018.

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    Doing a show at the end of April. Didn't give myself a ton of time for a prep but said fuck it. Just doing this for fun. Any help and critique would be greatly appreciated. Doing classic physique.

    Stats: 5'11. 207lb.

    Cycle: 350-400 test e, 400npp, 600 eq, ran 50-75mg Anadrol for the first couple weeks until I couldn't take it.

    Thinking about swapping the npp for tren ace in the next few days, and add Anavar for last 4 weeks.

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  2. Listen bro, we need to see your legs to judge your body for classic phyisque.
    This is not men's physique where u can get away without showing anything but your calves...

    Also, from what I can see you're not lean enough to be thinking of stepping on stage in 8 weeks. I understand you didn't take the prep serious and are doing this for fun; however, you will be competiting and feel upset with yourself up there on stage if you know you did not prepare seriously. Good luck.
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    Appreciate the honesty man. I'll get my girl to get a pix of my legs when I get to her place. Just upgraded my 5mp phone so finally have a camera worth taking taking progress pics.

    I know I'm looking pretty sloppy. Even with a serious cut, I'm still going to be stepping up really light too. I still think I'm going to do it.
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    To be honest you have a lot of work to do before you compete. Depending what show you do you will not even place. Doing a show for fun is good, but you should give it a full 100%. You might get discouraged when you realize how far behind you really are.

    You dont have enough size and your not close to conditioned for 9 weeks out. I like to have abs pretty visable at this point. Your 3rd picture is probably your best picture but you need more size in your chest. From your side pics you can see how far you are from being conditioned, if I had to guess your around 11-12% bodyfat.

    As @Bleeding heart said we need to see your legs. Have your girl take pictures of you in your posing trunks. Hit some real poses and we can critique more.
  5. x11

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    Great genetic bicep insertions and shoulders/tri's are looking developed.

    Do t know enough to critique.

    Have fun good luck.
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    Alright thanks guys. I don't think I'll waste my money competing in April. How far back should I push this out? There's another one in September I think. I think these are the best pics I can get right now.

    I needed the straight honesty. I think I'm small, my boy says I'm like an IG model, my girl doesn't really care, and my brothers say I'm anorexic.

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  7. Are you competing for an opportunity towards a potential career in bodybuilding? Or are you only planning as doing bodybuilding as a hobby?
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    I think I'm a little too old for a career. This is definitely just a hobby but I do like to win stuff.
  9. Alright, I was just asking so I can be clear in the way I advise you...

    Competing in September will definitely give you the opportunity to prepare better instead of April. Anyway, I'd say to keep pushing yourself towards your ideal physique, and being the best version of yourself. Everything else will fall into place.
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    I would just go for the stage experience.

    I am going to my first PL meet in a few months and I have no clue what to do other than my training program.

    the number of fucks given = 0.

    This ain't a team sport, you do it for your own self and your own goals.
  11. ForeverSmall

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    Good for you man. I was thinking the same thing, fuck it and see where you stand for next time. I also know nothing other than how to train, posting here definitely opened my eyes a little. I hope you lift the fuck out of those weights at the meet bro!
  12. SuperMaroid

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    You would have a better shot in regular physique. But if your determined for classic give it a shot.

    Your not anorexic for being over 200lb. But you have a lot of growing to do. How old are you? You said your too old but your body looks young. And how long have you been training? How many cycles have you ran? What are your measurements for your arms, quads, chest, shoulders?
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  13. grey

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    Was wondering the same thing and his profile says 28. Far from "too old". Whippersnappers.

    Don't look BB comp ready to my totally untrained, fat, and aged eye, but for fun? Nothing wrong with seeing the distance you would need to go up close.
  14. fodsod

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    If you're 8 weeks out looking like you do you need to swap that NPP to tren a ASAP. Get your carbs down to about 100 or less or go to carb cycling at a 50/50/50/250 protocol. Protein needs to be at 250 minimum. Trace fats only.

    Cardio better be running 6 days a week fasted or after you train for a minimum of 30 minutes and you better be resting no longer than 1 minute between sets.

    Bottom line, you're not even really lean much less ripped. I can see the fat on your lower back from the side shot (below your oblique). I could literally grab 2 inches of fat off you right now in that one spot. Your lower chest on the outside of the pec into the arm pit is another fat collection area. Even flexed you can grab an inch of fat and skin right there.

    All of that will be pronounced and obvious when you're on stage and oiled up. It will literally jiggle and sag when you pose especially if you drop water (dehydrate) and your skin goes loose. Which is exactly what guys that are too fat do to try and look leaner. It always looks worse.

    Tough love bro but you are no where even close to stage ready. You look like you're a week into a 16 week prep. If you don't improve drastically between now and the show you're going to see pics of yourself being that guy that was fat and had no business on the stage.

    You've got a lot of work to do but it could be done if you put your head down and commit to looking like you belong there.
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  15. That post was definitely tough love on the OP. I cringed pretty hard half way though.
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    Well he asked. Don’t come here asking what people think if you’re just looking for an atta boy. I’ve judged several NPC shows over the years and I just call it like I’d judge it.

    OP can get there if he’s serious about it but it’s going to take a lot of work. Then again, I’m all about showing up to win.

    Maybe he really does just want to do it for fun. In that case just show up as is and maybe there won’t be anyone in his class. Win-win on that one. :)
  17. I like that though. It's good to have people like you in the community. I'll make sure to tag you with my own progress pics when im looking for guidance. Have you judged all divisons, or just one division specifically?
  18. grey

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    Fuck, I am pretty sure his mother got a bruise from that line!
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    I haven't judged in the last 4 years so I don't have any experience with classic physique with regards to the standards the NPC/IFBB currently uses. I've judged in all other areas both men and women. Judging is really subjective but there is certain criteria that must be applied.

    You typically have a judges meeting the night before or early the morning of the show to go over the current NPC criteria to be used. You can't just be a judge regardless of your background. You have to sit in and be a be a mock/apprentice judge for a few shows and show proficiency in judging/applying NPC standards in your scoring/opinion.

    The standard is a 90% match up to the official judges scoring of the show. Once you've done that and the written test on the NPC's standards/rules and regs you are added to the list of available judges.

    It's a long day but if you love the sport it can be a lot of fun.
  20. ForeverSmall

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    This is exactly what I asked. I have no idea what I'm doing so I wanted people to tell me.

    I will say, the typical format for saying something negative is to sandwich it between two good things lol.

    So I decided not to compete at that show. I hired a coach and were prepping for a show in August.

    Thank you guys for helping me not become a meme.
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