A bad marriage will kill your youth and health

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    an easy way to regain both your youth and health is to get the hell out of a bad marriage.
    A bad marriage can wreak havoc on health, self esteem, and your overall outlook on life.
    Its very easy to become stuck in a bad marriage especially when children are involved and you can feel trapped; no one wants to leave their kids ( most people).
    If you decide to leave, the best thing to do is totally get them out of your life, no contact at all. Not seeing them or even calling them, make it as if they never existed. Unfortunately this cant be done when yiu have children. People change, it happens and when the day comes and you realize you married a very different girl, its tough. Assuming you were a good husband, father, ect... shit happens. People lose respect for you for a variety of reasons and when that happens, its game over.
    Just a vent but maybe some of you can relate.
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  2. Gbro

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    I can relate 100%.

    You can't just walk away when you have kids. Cutting ties outside of necessary interactions can be challenging.

    My ex does this "let's be friends" routine, and then manipulates events with the kids to guilt me into it. Each time, the event ends up in an argument.
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    Yep, i got kids, if we didnt we would have been divorced YEAAAAARS AGO! and id be happier actually seeing this fabled unicorn called blow jobs.....and id be healthier and actually accomplish my damn body goals! But unfortunatly i have kids, so no fabled unicorns, no time to lift and eat as id like,BUT i definetly still have forearms for all the time i get to have sex with myself hahahahahah yeah pretty depressing, its so hard NOT to have a chick on the side, but with my new dad bod, "whos gonna want me NOWWW"!!!!???

    Ah well i picture the slow death captivating my body and my heart exploding leading to a quiet glorious ebyus (spelling)

    At least ill have a few college degrees and i might have to grab up a shit ton of juice so i can throw down a few pins here and there and a HUUUGGEEE bottle of random anti depressants so i can find the one that masks all this unpleasantry........
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    Going thru this right now kinda crazy to see this pop up for me
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    14 years, no kids, few years in she had total hysterectomy and that was the start of the things to come. I held down my job the whole time while the wife spiraled out of control. I was there for her better or worse until enough was enough. Work offered me a job out of state, i dropped her off my health insurance so i wasnt enabling her addiction. While her doped up ass was passed out on couch i pulled up in a u haul, loaded what i wanted, hooked up the boat and was gone. She squated in our house for a year before foreclosure.
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    I have a great marriage, this sept. will be 25yrs. My wife worked in nursing for 25yrs and now she stays home ( with my blessing). We got married young. Most of my friends are divorced though and it really sucks to be treated like shit by your spouse. I hope everything goes well for all of you!
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  7. Michael Scally MD

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    I told my wife that if she ever got fat I'd leave and if she ever stopped giving me sex I'd get it somewhere else. So far she's sticking to the agreement after 14 yrs. Sex has actually never been better lately . I found out that if you just beat their asses and smack them around in bed a little they enjoy it
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