A few vials looking like Crack Rocks!

Discussion in 'Human Growth Hormone and Peptides' started by TNotch347, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. TNotch347

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    8 out of 10 look great, nice pucks. I have 2 that just look like crack rocks. Travel was hot and long coming over. What’s your thoughts. Getting pinned regardless, just shooting the shit.
  2. Cityofgrit

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    Probably crashed..though that's bizarre in a hot environment. But I've had crashed gear before that looked like glass shards in oil. I just heated it up on the coffee warmer and it was good to go.
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  3. He's saying that the HGH pucks have broken into pieces, what the fuck are you talking about crashed gear for? :confused::D:p
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    Goes to figure, I've never used HGH so that would explain it. Completely misunderstood the entire thread. @TNotch347 disregard my babble, my bad. I just saw this under new posts and didn't even realize I was in the HGH and peptides forum. I got fucking lost.:oops::oops::oops::oops:
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    Well it was a good laugh with supergods comment. Saved ya lol.
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  7. mands

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    Some just break in transit. Should be totally fine.

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  8. TNotch347

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    Thanks brother. Hope so, I’ll keep track and let ya know if I find anything off with em.
  9. saywutrly

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    I've never had it happen with GH but I used to get peptides in that condition at times. GHRP6 in that condition, for example, still made me as hungry as an Ethiopian chasing an ice cream truck. Theres a chance there was some damage/loss of potency as these peptides (yes, GH is also a peptide by definition for anyone thinking I totally jumped ship here) are very fragile molecules, but I doubt it would make it totally inactive.

    So long as they don't reconstitute all cloudy or something I'd rock out with my socks out.
  10. lilhawk

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    Thats what you'll get with generics. Uneven pucks, some look the same and others will be different sizes or shapes. What accounts for this? Who knows. I know they can break during transit, but if you look at a kit of Serostim, every single puck is the exact same. Same size, same thickness, every vial in every kit. Now sometimes they break in half during shipping, but they are all the same. I've seen generics like what you're talking about where some pucks are like rocks, and round. Others look like what GH usually looks like.
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  11. Yosyrj

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    Not true, Serostim isn’t vacuum and I had many kits from pharmacy all crumbled into thousands pieces
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    Thousand pieces yea but this looks like 2 big ol crack rocks. Lmao. Doesn’t matter I pin it to win it regardless. Reckless af when it comes to that shit.
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    Looks fine to me, as long as it reconstitutes clear should be fine
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    Yea I’ll try one of those 2 next to see “feels” but hopefully your right.