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    Hello guys.I figured it was time to introduce myself finally.Sorry it took so long to get around to it,but you guys can be brutal on a newbie!!! Lol but thats the reason I joined and decided to finally jump in.I've love the fact that you don't beat around the bush with stupid shit!!
    I'm 51 yrs old and been around gyms and gear since the late 80's.Spent 12 yrs doing personal training on the side while working in construction.I'm currently on disability due to severe Osteo-Arthritis.I didn't know I had arthritis at all until Nov.2016 when the ER Dr. told me my right hip joint was completely gone and my leg and hip were bone on bone.I had a total hip replacement 8 months later then spent the next 2 months learning to walk on it.I am now getting ready to go back to collage in hopes of becoming a drug concelor.
    As far as gear I'm currently running
    Test Cyp/Eth- 750 mg a wk
    EQ- 600 mg a wk
    Mk677- 50 mg's a day
    6ft 1"
    175 lbs

    I've rambled enough.I hope to contribute if I can.
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    Welcome to Meso man. Sorry to hear about the hip bud. Good luck with school. It was hard for me going back to school but worth it in the end. See you around the board.
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    Thanks brother!! I'll be around alot hopefully.A congrats on going back to school yourself.Just because my body is getting a few too many miles on it my brain is still kicking as hard as ever.We can always learn more and contribute something if we really want too I feel.And I just can't live with the thought of spending the rest of my life living the same day over and over.If I can stop one person from making the same mistakes I have then that alone will make it worth it!!
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    Welcome to Meso and stick around. Sucks to get hip replacements but if done right they should not affect your training.
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    Thanks bro.So far it's did great concidering where it was.I just had to readjust my workouts and learn to slow down.
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    Welcome bro - at 45 I’m happy to see someone older than me going back to college. Do you attribute any of the arthritis or the hip issues to gear usage?
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    Hello bro.No not to gear but from pushing myself to hard in the gym and doin construction since the age of 16.When I first walked into a gym at 17 I was 6ft 1 at 110 lbs soaking wet!! The first gym I ever went to a guy y'all might have heard of was training for his 1st Mr.O title... Lee Haney!! I kid yiu not.No matter what you may have read he was not born or raised in ATL but a little father up.He wascsuch a humble giant.Even though I was so small I felt at home in a gym for so e reason and I've been hooked ever since.It was so awsome watching him train.
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    Welcome to meso
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