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    Hello! finally i could register here, i learned a lot from this forum reading many posts which have been very helpful for me, there is a few spanish forum but all stink to be honest...

    I am from spain, 23 years old, being training since 18. my height is 6.36 and weight 227 lbs.

    i did my first cycle last year, 10 weeks on test cyp 500mg per week, going with Dragon Pharma, very good cycle.

    7 weeks ago i started my new cycle which is 500mg test e and 600 mg eq, this time going with Pharmacom labs.

    is not going bad, but i expected something more. is like those 500mg from dragon pharma was stronger than this stack with pharmacomlabs. I guess it needs time since i read eq takes time.

    im planning on doing 20 weeks and then cruise on something between 200mg to 250mg for 3-4 months minimum. I know that im young for start B&C on my second cycle but i really want to do it, I have meditated a lot the pros and cons. is a long time decision and i know is for life.

    Sorry if my english is bad, i try to do my best hehe

    See ya’ll around!

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    I'm sorry to hear you've done 2 cycles already and are only 23. :( Now chances are your going to have to pin weekly for the rest of your life. Do you know what your natural test numbers? Do you have any pre,during and post bloods?
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    Well two cycles isn’t exactly gunna force you to go on TRT.

    But yeah, this guy’s ready to B&C at 23, not the smartest idea.
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  4. SuperSwede

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    Don’t do it.
  5. vyktor

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    Yes im not force to go on trt, but i think is pointless cycling. i appreciate your advice. but i made my decision already

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    Yeah I know chances are it wouldn't but most don't think of the consequences of possible trt for life.
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    Really bad decision
  8. vyktor

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    Yea is a bad decision, but i think is not better decision cycling unless that you are planning on having kids, which is not impossible being on B&C. btw i know you are on B&C wedrecover hehe
  9. wedorecover

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    I b&c because im not able to recover ... your doing it cuz ur a dumb ass big difference
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    And im not 23 im 30 and even 30 is to young
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    Wipe that milk off your lip youngin :D
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