A real Injectible Dbol Recipe

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  1. -vegeta-

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    Want to eventually make a specialty blend of 50mg testp/50mg trena/50mg dbol. I can never get the dbol to suspend on its own and it crashes after a day.

    Anyone have ideas? I would appreciate an injevt dbol recipe and then I can maybe tweak it for the blend
  2. Morefyah

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    Dbol only has a half life of 3-5 hours.
    I think that’s why you do not see it in blends very often. Just take the oral version..
  3. -vegeta-

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    I understand all this. Just interesting blend I have never seen I would like to try to make it. I prefer inject because it is:
    1: easier on the liver
    2: easier on the heartburn i get from dbol
  4. Morefyah

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    So you have used injectable dbol already you know what’s ups? Oh injectable is not easier on the liver! o_O This would only be good as a pre workout considering half life.
  5. -vegeta-

    -vegeta- Member

    injects make 1 pass through the liver, orals make 2 so that would indicate it being less toxic on the liver. yes I have used inject dbol. would that change the half life or something? not sure what you mean by the last argument.
  6. -vegeta-

    -vegeta- Member

    open to suggestions on recipes ive seen some guys here homebrew drol i assume it would be similar
  7. Morefyah

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    It’s a cunt hair less toxic! I disagree unless you show me some studies or bloodwork that indecates other whise. Again the reason why you see injectable adrol and SD is because they both have a half life of 9 hours.
    Good luck with the blend and spiking your estrogen for 3-4 hours ed. :rolleyes:
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  8. -vegeta-

    -vegeta- Member

    haha k. 5 compared to 9. a whole 4 hr anabolic window I lose out on this sounds like bro scienxe here. Ive seen many labs make it its just tough to keep suspended... that is the question here. and not sure hoe my estrogen would be any different than taking 50mg/day orally. this is a swiss cheese rationalle you have here man. why do you even care. obviously you dont have a clue the answer so can you stop cluttering the thread so I can get some experienced homebrewer insight?
  9. Morefyah

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    You have now concept how steroids work.
    Yeah 4 hours - 9 hours no difference?
    Yeah dipshit spreading dosage to 3-5 times a day over 9 hours will not spike your E2 as much as slamming 50mg once a day.
    That’s why you “usually” only see injectable dbol not Dbol blends unless they are specifically made for pre workout.
    Stop acting like you know, I’ve never even
    done dbol and I know more about then you!
  10. -vegeta-

    -vegeta- Member

    so much fail with this dumb lost. anyhoo. still looking for input not this troll who doesnt know his asshole from his elbow
  11. -vegeta-

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    i HAVE done dbol many times and get great results from it. dowe dbol 3x/day? is that what you thibk is required? I dose dbol 1x/day and it is freat. you do know tbe difference between half-life and active life correct???

    jesus why do I get this guy in my thread.

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  12. -vegeta-

    -vegeta- Member

    so you dont homebrew, nor have you ever run dbol.... what the hell are yoy doing in this thread?

    Seeking experienced homebrewers (I have brewed lots too) that have an idea for getting this wirh a stable recipe
  13. Rockclimber

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    Have you already tried the traditional recipe?

    30% EO
    2% BA
    18% BB
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  14. -vegeta-

    -vegeta- Member

    no guaiacol just eo and it held for 2 days almost. it was great except I had to heat it every 2 days. So I wonder if blending I would need less guauacol and ethyl olate %
  15. Morefyah

    Morefyah Member

    Good luck with your bath tub dbol.
    Seems like all the brewers are lining up to give you recipes. Lmao, batty bwoy business!
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  16. Avatar1338

    Avatar1338 Junior Member

    50/ml held with 22%bb, 1%ba, 35%gso and 65%eo
  17. onslaughter

    onslaughter Member

    Dbol inject holds fine with 20%bb 5%BA but that's still 5%BA
  18. Monstar

    Monstar Member

    If dbol alone is hard to hold, adding other compounds with low solubility (short esters, not like equipoise or test e) seems very hard. I've used inj dbol. Other than less frequent dosing I didn't notice much difference but no labs for comparison.

    If no one chimes in after a few days maybe tag some of the more experienced brewers but I have a feeling you are going to get the answer above or a list of exotic solvents and even then it crashes some.
  19. Holidaypay

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    @penche any input on this blend bud
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  20. penche

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    You know who’s good at this one is madscientist or shit I can’t get his name right. Also @LordSamuilo has some experience with this recipe if I’m not mistaken.