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    does anyone know if any AAS help with auto immune issues? in particular psoriasis? i read there were a few studies that it helped clear people up.

    i have psoriasis. at one point i was 70% covered in it. long story short, i got in with a great holistic doctor. found out i had allergies towards eggs and dairy (thats why i went vegan) and for the past 5 years ive been about 90% clear. i do fight flare ups time to time but keep it under control through diet. i don't take any prescriptions including topicals..

    just was curious if anyone knew anything about this probably rare topic with limited info
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    AAS and AI disorders NOT!!

    And if you can locate scientific evidence to the contrary I’m happy to review it.

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    Hypogonadal men with psoriasis benefit from long-term testosterone replacement therapy - a series of 15 case reports. - PubMed - NCBI


    Dr JIM, some people are saying trt made their psoriasis worse, some say better. are there not any studies on this stuff? above were some of the articles i came across.i'm not taking an of them for truth. just sharing what i found hence the post... figured if anyone knew about skin reactions it would be a bodybuilding forum
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    Hmm, interesting.
    I bet diet will always be the main culprit or path to relief.
    Anything that triggers your immune response will probably make all auto immune disease even worse.
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    when i revisit my original dermatologist and he asks me "what are you taking to stay clear?"
    i reply; "diet changes"
    with that, i always get eyes rolling from them like "yeah right"
    traditional doctors have a hard time accepting holistic treatments.
    traditional medication is extremely important (obviously) and for major issues like cancer, leukemia, etc; modern day medication should always be used.

    but IMHO, for relatively minor things like psoriasis, restless leg, anxiety, sleep disorders, headaches, mild pain relief, etc; Rx are not always needed and us as a society are now programmed to take a pill for everything.

    Burrr, i typically remain anywhere from 70%-95% clear all by avoiding dairy. that was my particular situation. recently i started having flare ups (minor ones, its a relentless condition) so i now removed gluten products and it seemed to tone down a bit. its a battle that will never end, but for; biologics like "Humira or Enbrel" are not things i want to be injecting into myself

    i wish there were more info on testosterone replacement, aas and AI
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