about to do 1st cycle with super dmz 2.0 need pct help

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by samtron77v, Dec 31, 2012.

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    samtron77v Junior Member

    Ok guys I know this is a extreme first cycle but If I'm going to run a prohormone that strains my liver etc I want results to decided on the super dmz 2.0 and wanted to be legal so hence this instead of the dark side. I read a lot of threads where people give them a hard time for asking these questions but atleast I'm asking before I start my cycle so please help with advice I want to be responsible and do this properly to keep sides etc down.

    i am 29
    5ft 8
    currently weigh 142 with no clothes in the morning so thats the lightest I see right now but I've been 168lbs (did heavy cardio and lost a lot of fat)
    I have a good frame I look a lot heavier than 140-145

    Currently I go in the gym and for basic example of my strength put 135lbs on bench barbell and do 3 sets of 8 reps, then do 55lbs dumbells on incline bench 3 sets of 8 reps.

    I shoulder press with 55lbs dumbells for 3 sets of 8 reps that should give you a general idea of my strength.

    Ok so I have SUPER DMZ 2.0 and CYCLE ASSIST, I will also take fish oil pills drink a lot of water and drink protein shakes...for on cycle

    my question is about pct...do I need this clomid I read about? and how and where do I get it?

    btw I joined iron mag labs forum but I don't see an option to start a new thread. They act like for pct all you need is their ulra male rx is that true?

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    Pericles Member

    I am not familiar w/ dmz, but I take that it is a pro-hormone, IE a shitty steroid that government has not caught up to yet.

    Here is what I advise: Forget about dmz, start looking for a legit and reliable UGL. Get some real testosterone and run 4-500 mg a week for 8 weeks, 200 mg week 9 and start pct after. Many vets here do hcg on cycle, but it is simpler to do it at the end (you also need an AI), then run clomid and nolva. Start HCG, 2k IU's eod 6 days after last shot of test. After 10 days (last day of HCG) start SERMs

    Yes, you need them, in fact don't start a cycle unless you already have them.
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    hmart Member

    You are too light to start cycling, better educate yourself more about dieting and training. Check these sites out:

    Think Muscle -
    Hypertrophy-Specific Training : : Official Home of HST

    You will thank me later....

    BTW my bets are that if you use this DMZ stuff you will gain a few pounds but after a few weeks you will feel like SHIT from the low testosterone (you will get suppressed HPTA), so, good luck.
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    Donzi Member

    Clomid is 20 times better than any otc product. And after any type of T
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    tanuki Member

    Who decides that using gas is going dark side? Those people don't have a leg to stand on. You'll take something that isn't proven because of demonetization by the stupids?

    Everything you take has possible side effects.

    Save your money and get something proven to work like Pericles said.
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    Pericles Member

    I agree, in the time it takes him to get everything he needs he should study how to eat/train for size.
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    mac111 Member

    as stated, its a sound diet you need for now, not AAS...............
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    heavyiron Member

    SDMZ are two very strong designers blended together. I would recommend a SERM like Clomid or nolvadex for PCT.
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    Pericles Member

    Get on a good power-bodybuilding routine. I like Dorian Yates, a variation of Mike Mentzers program.

    Search my posts, as I just posted some info about this type of training. You need to get a strong as possible on basic exercises like dead lifts, squats etc.

    Eat 6 meals a day, 2-3 can come from protein drinks
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    mac111 Member

    oh sweet jesus!

    OP 2-3 of your 6 meals a day should most def NOT come from shakes.

    have a whey shake first thing in the morning and straight after training ALONGSIDE 6 meals per day. shakes are only a quick hit upon waking and after a session, do not count them as a meal.

    be careful who you take 'advice' from
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    Pericles Member

    This advice could not possibly be more wrong. Don't listen to this guy, he has achieved nothing in the world of bodybuilding and or power lifting, he is a complete and total loser. Wait, he did achieve something, he got himself banned from this forum. That takes real skill, since Millard rarely bans anyone, unless they are scamming.

    Just the other day he was arguing w/ Donzi.....Donzi is 292 lbs, and has a shot at a procard in BB.

    You weigh 142 lbs. You need more calories. You need to eat as much as possible, and get as much protein in as possible. Realistically, chances are very low that you will pack up 6 meals each day to take w/ you and eat. Many do not have the appetite, even if they are able to cook/prep that many meals.

    I recommend that you pack up some, but you need to get more than just that. The protein drinks should be alternated, one meal from meat, next meal from pro. drink, next solid food etc.. You can also eat out, but just be mindful that the food needs to be high protein. At night, right before bed, have some casein, preferably micular. Shoot for 240 grams of protein each day that you train, and 140-180 on days you don't lift (higher # if you do cardio). I have been involved in BB for 35 years, and diet is 60% of the game.
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    Moose Member

    ^^^^ This. Solid advice.^^^^
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    Pericles Member

    Thanks. I am all for eating 6 food meals a day along w/ some whey after w/out....however I have rarely seen people do so consistently. For example, you probably have this thing called a job. Jobs are good as they help you buy the food and supplements you need.:rolleyes:

    On my job, I get slammed and often do not have the chance to eat every 2.5 hours.

    The reality is that most people will not be able to eat 6 meals a day, and if they do it will not be over the long haul. That is where protein powders come in.
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    Moose Member

    I have one of those pesky jobs. Really gets in the way of stuff I would rather be doing! Even when I can six meals is hard. I've tried. I can't even muster the appetite to eat six meals a day but shakes have saved my ass. If I get five meals in I consider that a good day. Morning shake with breakfast, pre-workout and after work out shake, and casein before bed.
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    Pericles Member

    I would also do some casein in the morning. I do 1 scoop of casein and one scoop of whey on my morning cereal.

    I just got in the new Dymatize long acting protein, will keep you posted if it is any good.
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    mac111 Member

    pericles, you're a trolling piece of shit. im sport science degree qualified and ive attained many many titles in powerlifting over 21yrs including a recent national record.

    you on the other hand are a fuckwitt who had to come on here and ask for advice on a simple 10wk cycle despite claiming to be a nat level BB'er, its all in your post history for ppl to see. you're a braindead retard who shouldnt even be advising a dog on how to bark............

    oh and moose, and if you think he's right on 2-3 shakes as part of 6 meals per day you also are a retard...................
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    mac111 Member

    ^^^^^^^this retard runs a supplement shop, this is why he bigs up supps so much.
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    mac111 Member

    and yet advise against eating solid protein sources, haha you're a dumb trolling scam artist, complete and utter fucktard.

    argue with donzi? ya, hcg is not a must despite what he says.

    how the fuck haven't you been banned here, you're a moron, you are completely clueless. will i go and re-post you asking for advice on beginner cycles? [:eek:)]
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    mac111 Member

    funny you said 22yrs here?

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    Re: Tale of a Former national level Bodybuilder who now needs HRT and advice:)
    About 22 years ago, I was bitten by the bodybuilding bug. I became a health and fitness fanatic and my whole life began to revolve around bodybuilding. At that time I was all natural and doing only drug tested shows.
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    Moose Member

    Maybe try reading a little more carefully. I can buy you "hooked on phonics" if you think it would help. He didn't advise AGAINST eating solid food sources. He cautioned against your advice telling the guy not to drink shakes. No one is saying you shouldn't eat solid food.

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