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    Aj- Junior Member

    Hi all
    I've read several threads in this forum
    I have some questions And I need advises from you guys before I start taking

    What to take?
    I've heard that anadrol (oxymetholone) is used to treat anemia and I do have sickle cell anemia
    Is it safe to start with oxymetholone?
    Is it true that I can get less side effects withe injectable than oral ?
    Weight:58 kg
    How to get?
    Are steroids easy to get in UAE?
    What is the most trusted website to get from ? And am I gonna face a legal issues during delivery ?

    With that said I am gonna check with my doctors and I do Appreciate your help

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    attic Member

    before you start taking steroids you definately need to check with your doctor, he will tell you the most effective stack for your body type.
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    Demondosage Member

    I highly doubt anadrol would be a Dr's first choice for treating your condition. No, I definitely dont think anadrol is a good first choice. Use testosterone only!!
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    Talk to the doc. I don't think he will give you anadrol. Test should be ok. Maybe Deca or EQ. Better safe than sorry... Talk to your doctor rather than taking advice from someone on here. Good luck.
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    smt71 Member

    Can you please provide some other info?
    Years lifting if any at all?

    My concern is that you are 58kg at 181cm. I really think you need to spend more time training naturally.
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    Even with these stats we really can't help this guy. He has sickle cell anemia. We would need to know how each compound affects the anemia. I would leave this in the hands of a doctor.
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    Aj- Junior Member

    23 years old , one year of lifting or less, goal is to build some muscle
    testosterone 7.5
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    Pericles Member

    Definitely talk to your doc. Here in the US, an fp could refer you to an expert, which is what you need.

    SCA can kill you in many, many ways. None of us here are qualified to predict how AAS will affect your disease. Historically, people w/ SCA had a lifespan of 42 years on average. Modern medicine has improved that number, but the take away is that SCA is a very serious condition.

    The terms "sickle cell crisis" or "sickling crisis" may be used to describe several independent acute conditions occurring in patients with sickle cell disease. Sickle cell disease results in anemia and crises that could be of many types including the vaso-occlusive crisis, aplastic crisis, sequestration crisis, haemolytic crisis and others. Most episodes of sickle cell crises last between five and seven days. Although infection, dehydration, and acidosis (all of which favor sickling) can act as triggers, in most instances no predisposing cause is identified.
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    Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    Goodness PC, how about posting or at least referencing the text or article your using otherwise your comments are blatant plagiarism.

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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    AAS will NOT treat the anemia of SCA. The anemia is specific to the disease. Any increased erythropoiesis will still result in sickle cells. The one real and potential harm (and I mean harm in the biggest and most severe way) is the side effect of priapism. This is known to occur with some frequency in SCA. IMO, AAS use has the potential to increase the risk. You do not want to know the treatment for priapism or the possible consequence. IF you do decide to go down this route, do yourself a favor and research where and who to obtain treatment. The time to know what to do about priapism is before, not after. [FWIW; The MOA might be by increased coagulopathy or "libido."]
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    Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    From [1975] the abstract, it does not look promising, but I need to read the paper.

    Alexanian R, Nadell J. Oxymetholone treatment for sickle cell anemia. Blood 1975;45(6):769-77. http://bloodjournal.hematologylibrary.org/content/45/6/769.full.pdf

    Seven patients with sickle cell anemia were treated with oxymetholone for at least 2 mo. Markedly increased basal rates of hemolysis and erythropoiesis were confirmed. The urinary erythropoietin excretion was either normal or lower than expected for the red cell mass, and an expanded blood volume was due primarily to an increased plasma volume. After androgen therapy, six patients demonstrated more than a fivefold increase in urinary erythropoietin, with an increase in red cell mass ranging from 17%-75% above the control value. All showed a decline in serum iron level to the 25-75 mug/100 ml range within 4 wk after the start of therapy. Less marked changes followed lower oxymetholone doses. Reversible hepatic toxicity, with a serum bilirubin concentration exceeding 50 mg/100 ml, occurred in one patient. Androgenic hormone therapy may be useful for selected adult patients with sickle cell disease when severe anemia contributes to disease morbidity.
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    Stretch Member

    Look doc.

    Voice of experience here.

    Any man who ever has a priapism which requires the aforementioned treatment, will be BEGGING for said treatment, as the alternative is hellacious.

    I could NOT WAIT for them to shove a needle in my cock.

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    Ahh stretch, I see you made the mistake of popping a viagra at a young age too?
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    Stretch Member

    Bro, I wish I took "one" anything. Not my style.

    It was a fiasco man.

    Such a long story.

    I was in the "girl push up" position dunking my dick in a cup of ice water trying to avoid going to the ER..nothing would make it go away. I waited 6 hours before going to the hospital.

    Never again.
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    Sounds like a painful Friday night.
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    My uncle, who had terminal lung cancer at the time, had a medicine cabinet full of everything you could imagine. He was the best guy you'd ever meet. Typical Michigan farm boy who moved to the city lol.

    I was 18 and had a new girlfriend. He told me if I really wanted to impress her to take a couple of his "dick pills" before I was ready to do the deed.

    The only thing I can use to describe the next 8 hours is the tool song "Prison Sex". I didn't try to fuck a glass of ice water, but I was putting ice cubes on it, and it seemed like they were evaporating lol.

    I went to the ER and was also begging for that needle.
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    Pericles Member

    Didn't know that the standards of footnoting were necessary on a steroid board. What is important is the message: If you have SCA, you have a serious condition that must be managed by an expert, not a nose-blower fp like you, my friend.

    Sources were Wikipedia, which I vetted w/ the Mayo clinic article. I then re-wrote a bit.

    In academia, one has to carefully note sources primarily to avoid plagiarism (intellectual theft).

    Here, it is not so important, what is important is that the OP makes the right move.

    Please return the 2 minutes of my life I just wasted.
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    Aj- Junior Member

    Thanks dear ..
    A case study is important to look at before starting any move .
    And it's also mentioned that testosterone will give a similar results :rolleyes:

    I appreciate your HELP
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    Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    You've got a Phd and you didn't know? Really
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    Gunrunner Member AnabolicLab.com Supporter

    I bought some AIs and SERMs at an online pharmacy once and they sent me 10 free blue colored V pills. I cut one in half and washed it down with some water. I had erection coming and going for the next 3-4 hours no problem. I just thought about it and I got hard. I'm glad I didn't try taking two of them:eek: Then again I am around the half century age mark so maybe it wouldn't have been a problem.

    BTW, I still have 9 1/2 pills left.

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