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    I already know my post count is next to to nill and that makes my credibility very small. But my post is what I can say about world pharma. Yes i already know that the prices are a little high. And you might argue with the fact WP claims their Asia Pharma line is Human Grade, well if you look at information on Asia Pharma they are FDA approved in Thailand. If you go on their website (not world pharma) asia pharma's website You will see videos of Asia Pharma lab technicians making the gear. And this is by far the most sterilized Demonstration of making AAS that i have ever seen, There is no doubt when you do a google search, about Asia Pharma. There is also a reputable Book Wrote By the Author who is famous on writing about Anabolic Steroids before the world wide web was so infatuated and forums were so rampant on the subject, the man's name is William Llewellyn And he wrote a Book that was been reformatted and re-informed called Anabolic Underground, for many of you old school lifter you will know his book as the Anabolic, Dictionary, Thesaurus. and Encyclopedia before the world wide web (his first editions were in the 80s and 90's) he wrote about . The scene the drugs, the sources and most imporatantly the brands, as i stated before this what what was written in his 2009 Edition about World Pharma.
    This brand rated one if not the absoloute cleanest compared to other brands that they tested compared to other well known UGL brands in this book that contained metals, high bacteria, and Other and different steroid content other than what was labled, also underdosing, and overdosing. It is my firm belief that Asia Pharma is a Human Grade Brand in Thailand, Although it is not USA FDA approved their FDA aproves their products.

    As a personal consumer and reciever of world Pharma I backup the claim that he is real and his gear is clean and g2g, idk about the rest of you but the fact that he is clean means alot more than the price he asks for..;...

    heres what he sent me recently
    His gear is not overdosed, his gear is not underdosed, it is simply what it states it is, and its clean. Thats my 2cents. take care
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    First of all there prices are rip off 150 for.1 bottle of test.... Common seriously and hgh is 300 for 40 iu total rip off on all there products sorry..
    Gear you can get a lot of places... For a lot cheaper...
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    Stay away scam site
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    world-pharma is legit but like most say little expensive.
    but i always ask for offers or discounts and then price is OK
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    Dirt bag site!
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    lol, apparently we agree on something.
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    Didn't take long for the site reps to find this little corner of the site, did it?
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    Im not a site rep. I am not world pharma.

    Like i said before yes the gear is expensive, but if u actually talk to the guys over there they will work with you, i gave a honest post, thats all i did, I heard about world pharma from another forum, I did my homework on alot of brands, i suggest you do the same.
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    They have scammed many consumers.
    Guess you were lucky unlike many of your predecessors.
    Review Meso threads on WP
    service, products, pricing etc
    because I suspect less than 10% of INDEPENDENT consumers had your experience.
    You "talked with them" great I could certainly use that phone number for a MESO POST because I know of many people, on this forum alone whom, would love to do the same and "work things out"!
    Yea, obviously your just another your WP pawn!
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    Too much fuss lately about WP ... and it looks kinda suspicious ...