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  1. BB@44mag

    BB@44mag Junior Member

    Anyone use Abra on iOS?
  2. sinewave3

    sinewave3 Member

    Never heard of it till now. Looked it up and seems pretty cool at first glance. Kind of like coinbase with way more tokens.

    How do you like Abra? How was the setup? I didn’t like coinbase because of all the info they required.
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  3. BB@44mag

    BB@44mag Junior Member

    I just downloaded the first app that popped up when I searched bitcoin...
    Was pretty simple functions, but I’m trying to get my bank tied into it.
    I only use local banks and CUs... so taking a little bit.
  4. BB@44mag

    BB@44mag Junior Member

    All figured out. Thanks everyone.
  5. wickedwayz

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    Hey bro I also downloaded Abra. I use a prepaid American Express card and Abra supported AE...just waiting on the approval and what not of my card. I never used Bitcoin before so if I have any questions I may hit u up. Should be pretty simple from what I see. Glad to see someone else using Abra tho. Peace brother.