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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by hammerheart, Oct 20, 2018.

  1. hammerheart

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    Can anyone relate - ever since my teens any attempt at training abs resulted in some painful abdominal cramping. Now that I'm close to 30 it got much worse, a few sit ups and I find myself in a world of pain, the cramping is so intense the muscle stays sore for days.

    Anyone is in a similar condition, and/or managed find a solution?

    My idea is to gradually get the muscle accustomed to stimulation, light yet frequent work. I'm starting as simple as bodyweight planking 2-3 times a day, without reaching the point of fatigue.
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  2. BigNattyDaddy

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    I used to get bad cramps in my legs. Started eating a bunch of bananas and have never had them since. A potassium deficiency might be causing yours too.
  3. Sk8man101

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    Not enough Potassium
    Not enough water
    Too much creatine

    If it’s muscle pumps taurine seems to help a lot of people.
  4. Keepittight

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    That sucks bro I'd see a orthapedic
  5. hammerheart

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    I have anything regarding water and electrolytes accounted... also it's strange that is not the whole of the rectus abdominis cramping, but just one portion of the "pack", always the same spot every time, and quite violently. I do have minor upper back (thoracic spine) issues so was wondering if it's something stemming from nerves supplying the muscle; just speculating.
  6. ickyrica

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    I get random cramps in my abs. Sometimes it's one specific ab and other times it might be all of them or just obliques. I like it to a lack of water or over exertion
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  7. cfreetenor

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    It’s probably a posture issue, you probably aren’t perfectly symmetrical. Ever lean on one leg? Stand or walk in back flexion?

    I used to get major pain whenever I did core work that lead me to believe I had a hyrnia. Doing vacuums helped me with that.
  8. hammerheart

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    Very curious you say that. I have issues in feet with collapsed archs resulting in flat feet, that alters posture in that I would lean forward, but I can somewhat compensate if I think about it and contract the tibialis posterior. It spoils leg movements mechanics such as squats/deads.

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  9. cfreetenor

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    I don’t know what your next move would be besides talking to an orthopedic which you probably have already, have they ever suggested inserts?

    In the meantime I do suggest ab vacuums, for the same reason that doing pressing movements helps your arms function a little more smoothly when you have a stiff biceps pump.
  10. Just1more

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    Same here, its painful but kind of funny. I imagine other people watching me see this guy breathing funny hunched over slightly forward waiting for it to loosen up. Its always only one or two if the muscles, usually after a few sets of rope crunches. I have a bannana in one if my shakes daily, I also credit it to over exertion and probablyy not enough fluids
  11. Mac11wildcat

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    Dude. Get this addressed NOW! This is going to impede you and eventually destoy your quality of life. Everything starts from the floor and this issue will impact everything all the way up to your neck and head position.
  12. hammerheart

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    Not much to do atm. It need surgery to be repaired with a long rehab period, and unguaranteed results. Maybe something I'll try later in the yrs.
  13. Btcowboy

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    I have the same problem training abs. I find a if I lay stretched out after it lessens the severity. To the comment of too much creatine, I just cycle off it do we will see if there is a change.