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    So a while back I got an infection in both delts and one glute from several consecutive shots. I'd had bad site specific swelling previously and initially assumed this was no different. But by the time the 3rd shot had gotten bad I started taking it a little more seriously and went to the docs to get antibiotics.
    2 of the 3 injection sites receded and disappeared, however one partially receded and the pain subsided, but an ugly abscess in my delt has remained ever since.
    if I were to go to my doctors im sure I'll be offered surgery to have it removed/drained. But I'm reading some conflicting information about what to expect from the results.
    I hear stories of there being large craters or holes where the abscess was after having some of the muscle cut away, yet others saying the muscle was simply cut open and drained, then left to heal and all that was left was a scar.
    the muscles however appeared much the same as before.

    My issue is, that when I pose correctly or in the right lighting, the abscess isn't really noticeable. But in other lights and angles it can ruin the look of my physique.
    If it's likely that they'd have to cut away a chunk of my muscle I feel it would further disfigure myou shoulder again.
    I also feel some of what I've read are people confusing a typical puss filled abscess with perhaps other things, and was hoping I could get some input on what people know about abscesses and enlighten me.
    I'm still deciding whether or not getting it seen to is a good idea.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance.

    Also, can post pics if necessary.
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  2. Find a doctor that can do the job and talk to him about your concerns. Be clear in specifying him that you do not want your muscle to be cut or deformed. Try to figure out if he is willing to drain instead of a major surgery.

    He will probably put you under some local antibiotics
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    OK, that's sound advice. Thanks mate
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    I wouldn't hesitate to get a few opinions, then decide and go with the best choice. Its your body not theirs!
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    Most abcess will self absorb but u can easily get it drained w/o any conlicated surgery
  6. @asymptotic are you the one that posted about getting infections from Elite's hairy gear a while back?

    If not, who was responsible for selling you the tainted gear?