Accutane starts today

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 350lift, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. 350lift

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    lets hope this doesn’t fuck my life up more than it already is. I don’t have room for anymore unfortunate events
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  2. testiFy

    testiFy Member

    what dose?
  3. 350lift

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    They wanna do 40 mg Ed for the first month then move to 60-80 for the remaining 5. Strongly considering taking 60 max. Scared to take 80
  4. testiFy

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    From what i’ve seen, 20-40mg max is good because it can really start fucking with your skin dryness
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  5. Giveitago

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    I took 20 most days and 40 here and there for a couple months. Haven’t taken one in probably a month and not one bit of acne now. I’ve never had much but tren brought it out on my back and chest. Took it while running tren and off now but you likely will be good at 20-40mg
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  6. cdusgk91

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    I agree. Starting with 20 mg is plenty imo. That dose still dries me out a lot but gets rid of all acne
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  7. MaxVolume

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    Who did you guys get your prescriptions through (your GP Dr, a dermatologist, etc.) and how easy was it to obtain?

    A couple compounds fuck my skin up and I’d like to be able to do something about it, especially since I have sensitive skin that scars and bruises easy and can take forever to heal completely.
  8. 350lift

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  9. Sdryx

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    You should be in good shape going to 80 IF they recommend it. I suggest you follow the doctor's recommendations. Lifelong scarring is pretty detrimental and the discoloration takes YEARS to fade to a noticeable degree.

    You would be seeing the dermatologist every month and getting bloodwork done monthly under their care in order to take pharmaceutical accutane. They will hopefully be able to find and manage any sides that you have and be able to adjust right away.

    Are they recommending you take all 80mg at night before bed?
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  10. 350lift

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    No twice a day, and 40 right now is killing energy and making me depressed but I’m trying combat it with supplements
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  11. Safety First

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    Hello, I'm considering a course of accutane myself. I see the dermatologist this Tuesday. We might be on this accutane journey together.
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  12. Havah

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    Yea its prob the accutane as you were perfectly healthy as far as mental health goes before it
  13. 350lift

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    Good luck man this shit sucks
    Lemme know how it goes
  14. 350lift

    350lift Member

    Is that sarcasm?
    And when I don’t wanna go to the gym but everything in my life is going fine something is up.
    People commit suicide on this drug. It’s a known side effect
  15. IncorrectName

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    Hopefully all goes well, or with the least side effects possible. I've been on and off with accutane. Makes me really tired. Sometimes I can sleep 13 hours, be awake for 5 then sleep 8 more, only to wake up feeling sleepy again.
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  16. 350lift

    350lift Member

    I’ve been trying to combat this, sublingual l glutathione n b complex vitamins currently have been helping I think
  17. Safety First

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    I start accutane tommorow bro
  18. 350lift

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    Good luck my lips are so chapped they’re splitting I’m constantly tired my acne is gone after two weeks and my body is producing o oil and my hair is thin a dry as fuck
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  19. Safety First

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    I think it just all cones back to your skin not producing oil, and liver stress.

    Have you thought about cycling during this process for your mood? Or any other mood enhancement?
  20. 350lift

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    I’m on drol test and through in M1ad 3 days ago I just don’t want to fuck with my oil glands too much so the test is at 250 and the orals will be for 3 weeks max

    I’m more concerned about my hair and skin than gains right now to be honest
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